Houses in multiple occupancy (HMO's) licence

What we will do with your Personal Information

Telford & Wrekin Council Private Sector Housing are collecting your personal data to enable public protection as required by statutory function under the Housing Act 2004 and regulations made thereunder.

Telford & Wrekin Council will not share any of your personal data collected with external organisations unless required to do so by law. However, there may be occasions where we request further information from key third party organisations including, but not limited to Shropshire Fire and Rescue, West Mercia Police or other similar regulators.

View our privacy notice for more information on the Council's privacy arrangements.

Please use our online forms:

From Wednesday 11 May 2022, the Private Sector Housing team will commence a new way of submitting applications, or logging a complaint/enquiry.

As a result, all customers will be directed to a new portal, where you will be expected to register an account, and then submit your complaint or application.

Customers who telephone our Contact Centre will be re-directed to the new portal. Only in extreme cases will our Advisors be on hand to offer assistance with the completion of any forms.

By registering with our portal, customers will be able to keep a track how their submissions are progressing and have the ability to message the relevant department directly.

Visit our Online Portal to apply for an HMO licence

Visit our Online Portal to renew your HMO licence

Visit our Online Portal to change details on your HMO licence

Documents you will need to submit

Applications for a mandatory licence must be submitted with the following attachments:

  • Sketch floor plan of the premises - this must show the layout of the HMO, including the size of each room, provision of amenities, location of fire doors, automatic fire detection and emergency lighting units
  • Landlords Gas Safety Record or Commissioning Certificate - if there is gas at the property, provide a copy of the current Landlords Gas Safety Record Inspection/Commissioning Certificate for all gas appliances at the premises. This must be dated within the last 12 months
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) - the fixed electrical installation must be tested at least every 5 years. Please provide a certificated dated within the last 5 years which is free of C1 and C2 coded items. Please note that this must be an EICR and any other electrical certificate will not be valid
  • Automatic Fire Detection (AFD) test and inspection/commissioning certificates - the AFD at the property must be tested and inspected annually and the certificate that you provide must be dated within the last 12 months. If the installation has been installed within the last 12 months, then please provide a copy of this certificate
  • Emergency lighting test and inspection/commissioning certificate - emergency lighting must be tested and inspected annually and the certificate provided must be dated within the last 12 months. If the installation has been newly installed within the last 12 months, the installation/commissioning certificate will suffice
  • Tenancy Agreement - please provide a sample copy of the tenancy agreement that you intend to use for the occupants at the property. The tenancy agreement accurately reflect the terms upon which each tenant occupies the property
  • Current buildings insurance policy - please provide a copy of the current insurance policy schedule for the property
  • Proof of identification and address - either a current photo card driving licence or passport along with proof of address, such as bank statement, utility statement, Council Tax bill addressed to you at your current address within the last 3 months.

Failure to provide a full and complete application with all above documents will cause a delay with processing the licence. If documents expire as a result of an incomplete application being received, you will be requested to provide up to date documents.

These documents can be submitted electronically as long as the text is legible or they can be sent to Private Sector Housing by post. If sent by post, your application will not be complete until all the required attachments are satisfactorily received.

The appropriate licence fee must also be paid to complete the application, you can make your payment online by credit/debit card.

You must note that relevant persons are notified of the application for a Mandatory HMO licence, this includes joint owners of the property and mortgage companies. You must also notify them yourself of this application.

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