Kynnersley conservation area proposal

Why are we considering a conservation area at Kynnersley?

The government requires local planning authorities to designate ‘areas of special historic and architectural interest, the character and appearance of which it is desirable to preserve and enhance’. The local authority has been approached some time ago by Kynnersley Parish Council asking for the village to be considered as a potential conservation area. 

Where can I see a map of the proposed Kynnersley Conservation Area boundary?

Download the Kynnersley conservation area boundary map to see the extent of the proposal

What is a Conservation Area?

Conservation areas are designated at a local level by the local authority as 'areas of special historic and architectural interest, the character and appearance of which it is desirable to preserve and enhance'. 

What does it mean if a building is within a conservation area?

Within a conservation area you may need planning permission for certain works that you otherwise would not, but you still have many 'permitted development rights' for some works, minor changes and extensions without consent. Even where permission is required, this does not necessarily mean that no alterations will be possible, only that we must take into account the overall historic character and appearance of the area when making planning decisions. We will always try to negotiate alternative solutions that meet your requirements but still respect the special character of the area.

More specifically, being within a conservation area means:

  1. The Council is required to take into account the desirability of preserving or enhancing the character and appearance of the conservation area when considering planning applications.
  2. The demolition or substantial demolition of a building within a conservation area will usually require planning permission from the council. It is now a criminal offence to carry out demolition in a conservation area without planning permission.
  3. Cutting down a tree or doing any pruning work requires notifying the council six weeks in advance. This is to give the council time to assess the contribution the tree makes to the character of the conservation area and if the works would damage this.

How is the review being carried out? 

Site surveys were undertaken to appraise the special characteristics of the village and the areas immediately surrounding it, and to identify aspects of the area where enhancement is sought. An appraisal document is drawn up described the special characteristics that need conserving and aspects in need of enhancement. This document is used to make decisions about the proposed location of the boundary and, includes a management plan which sets out how we plan to approach the future development of the area. We also invited the public to comment on the proposed boundary, appraisal and management plan.

Download the Kynnersley conservation area appraisal and management plan 2021

We hosted a public presentation about the proposed conservation area on 17 January 2022. This online session explored why conservation areas are important and what it means to live or work in one, with questions and answers at the end.

How can I comment on the proposed conservation area for Kynnersley?

The consultation is now closed.

Last updated: 18/01/2022 07:31