Listed buildings and buildings of local interest

Telford & Wrekin Council maintains a list of buildings of local interest, often referred to as the local list.

These are buildings that may not meet the criteria for national designation but nevertheless are of great significance at a local level for their historic or architectural character. They do not have the same level of legal protection as buildings on the national, or ‘statutory’ list, but the desirability of protecting them and their historic significance must be weighed up in any planning decisions.

You can search our interactive mapping online system to see if a building is of local interest.

Only the building is covered by the listing and only its external elevations. Unlike the national or ‘statutory’ listing, the interior of the building is not covered.

There are no special consents for local interest buildings or additional rules for planning permissions. The usual planning rules apply, which can be found on the Planning Portal. The difference is that when planning permission is required the local planning authority must take into account the historic or architectural interest of the building in addition to all other planning considerations.

The Council will be starting a review of the register of buildings of local interest early in 2020. Before we start the review we are consulting on the criteria to be used to select buildings for the list.

Details of how you can propose a building to be included on the list will appear on this website in January 2020.

Until the review is complete, new additions to the list will only be made in very exceptional circumstances when a building is under immediate threat and it is considered to be of sufficient historic or architectural interest for this to be a consideration in planning decisions.

Last updated: 21/02/2020 11:30

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