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Listed buildings and buildings of local interest

Telford & Wrekin Council maintains a list of buildings of local interest, often referred to as the local list.

These are buildings that may not meet the criteria for national designation but nevertheless are of great significance at a local level for their historic or architectural character. They do not have the same level of legal protection as buildings on the national, or 'statutory' list, but the desirability of protecting them and their historic significance must be weighed up in any planning decisions.

‘Building of Local Interest’ is a local classification, and the Register is maintained by Telford & Wrekin Council.  

Search our interactive mapping online system to find out if a building is on the local list

Visit the Shropshire Council website for further details of the buildings

Only the building is covered by the listing and only its external elevations. Unlike the national or 'statutory' listing, the interior of the building is not covered.

There are no special consents for local interest buildings or additional rules for planning permissions. Visit the Planning Portal to view the planning rules. The difference is that when planning permission is required the local planning authority must take into account the historic or architectural interest of the building in addition to all other planning considerations.

The Council has adopted a new set of criteria to be used to select buildings for the register of local interest buildings, and is currently revising the register in accordance with these criteria.

Download the existing register of buildings of local interest. The existing register was drawn up over 40 years ago. Some buildings on the register may therefore have been changed so much that they are no longer of heritage interest and may be removed from the list,  and following public consultation early in 2021 additional buildings will be added to the list.

Further updates will be available on this page.

What is the criteria used to select buildings for the register of local interest buildings?


Any building/structure to be considered for selection should usually retain a significant amount of its original or historic form, fabric and detail intact. The only exceptions will be buildings or structures that are mainly of archaeological interest. This does not mean that a derelict building cannot be included if it is in poor repair rather than having been significantly altered.

Heritage asset values

These criteria ensure that the building/structure classes as a 'heritage asset' according to national definitions:  

  • architectural interest - a good example of a particular architectural style, age of building, use type or building technique
  • artistic interest - this may be designed architectural features or the attractive materials and qualities of vernacular buildings
  • historic interest - illustrative of a particular aspect of history or well documented association with a significant local person, event, industry or activity
  • archaeological interest - further study of the building or structure could reveal new information about the past

Local heritage values

These criteria identify those buildings and structures that are of particular value and character to Telford and Wrekin:  

  • social or community interest - important to the identity or memory of the local community
  • group value - part of a distinctive group of buildings of character or having connections with other buildings of a similar type or style elsewhere in the Telford and Wrekin area
  • landscape or streetscape value - a focal building or important in views within the wider area
  • Telford and Wrekin identity - one of the following types of buildings which are particularly characteristics of the area:
    • a Duke of Sutherland cottage
    • non-conformist chapel or church, e.g. Wesleyan or Methodist
    • an original or early new town building
    • related to a significant local industry or rural activity e.g. mining, iron-working
    • a transport related structure e.g. associated with a canal or railway
    • a building from pre-industrial Telford and Wrekin dated before 1800.

To ensure we only select the most important and valuable buildings of the Telford and Wrekin area, we will usually expect the building to score highly in at least 5 of the above categories.

What type of building can be included on the register?

Anything that is a man-made structure fixed to the ground can be included. So in addition to houses, mills, banks, shops and barns, the list can also include mileposts, post boxes, memorials, lime kilns, canal locks, garden walls etc provided they meet the criteria.

Movable, below ground or natural features, or parts of a larger structure cannot be included, for example parks or gardens, woodland, railway carriages, benches, date stones, archaeological sites.

How can I nominate a building for inclusion on the register?

Please provide the information requested on the form to help us identify and assess your nominations against our adopted criteria.

Complete the online form to nominate a building for local interest

How can I comment on a building that is on the existing register?

Please use the same online form if you wish to make comments on the current condition and suitability for inclusion of a building that is on the existing register

Complete the online form to comment on a listed building already on the register

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