Carshare Shropshire and Telford

Carshare Shropshire and Telford is a scheme within Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin where people can sign up to a database to find others to share their journey to work with.

Anybody working or living Shropshire and the Telford and Wrekin area can register for the scheme. You can choose to register as a driver, passenger or both by visiting the website. You will be asked details of your preferred journey times, your destination and you can also specify your likes and dislikes, for example, smoking or non smoking, if you wish.

Registering on Carshare Shropshire and Telford does not mean you have to share, it's entirely up to you. But you may be pleasantly surprised at the benefits car sharing can provide:

  • save money on fuel and parking costs every time you share a journey
  • enjoy a more sociable and less stressful way of travelling
  • reduce your carbon footprint and help to cut congestion and pollution
  • reduce the wear and tear and weekly mileage on your car

Visit the Carshare Shropshire and Telford website and see if you can find a match and take the hassle out of getting to work on your own.

Visit the Carshare Shropshire and Telford website to register for carshare


Carshare Shropshire and Telford also provides a range of benefits to employers:

  • offers employees an extra travel choice which can halve the cost of travelling to work
  • increase access to work for non-drivers, boosting recruitment and retention
  • reduce pressure on parking spaces
  • make a measurable reduction of the carbon footprint of your organisation
  • help to reduce congestion and pollution
  • registration is free.

Visit the Carshare Shropshire and Telford website

Last updated: 12/03/2021 15:57

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