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Does your child travel to school on an Arriva Bus?

We have been working with Arriva our main public transport provider to increase capacity on their busier home to school bus routes. As part of our plans for pupils' safe return to education, they will be introducing school services that are not available to the general public.

From September 2020, we are advising parents of changes to the home to school service to ensure your child has a safe return to school for the start of the autumn term.

These services will be identified on the bus and on the Arriva App with an "S" prefix and signage indicating these buses are for use only by pupils travelling to and from school.

Some of the routes will see two buses travelling the same route with one dedicated for school only (with the prefix 'S') which will be immediately followed by a service for the general public.

Home to school transport (services with a prefix 'S') will operate the same social distancing rules as outlined by Government guidance, therefore we are asking any pupil using these services to follow these five important steps for safe travel:

  • keep a safe social distance while waiting for transport;
  • pupils over the age of 11 must wear a face covering; children with Special Educational Needs and or Disabilities will not be required to wear a face covering, however it is recommended where possible;
  • sanitise hands before getting on and off the vehicle;
  • dispose of litter responsibly;
  • if possible, use the same seat for each journey.

We will continue to work with Arriva to monitor capacity during September and make changes were necessary.

The following table provides details of the bus routes from September 2020, data provided by Arriva.

Customer notice

All Arriva services that begin with an “S” will not operate until further notice, this will be reviewed in line with Government guidance. The standard Arriva bus services will continue to operate.

This table shows the school bus routes.
Charlton School
S16 7.40am Wellington 7.47am Rodington    
S16 7.47am Rodington 7.59am High Ercall 8.12am Shawbirch 8.24am Charlton School
S16 3.20pm Charlton School 3.30pm Wellington 3.49pm Rodington  
S16 3.49pm Rodington 4.03pm High Ercall 4.15pm Admaston 4.20pm Wellington
Madeley Academy, Haberdashers’ Abraham Darby
S1 7am Town Centre 7.30am Sutton Hill 7.36am Abraham Darby 7.38am Madeley Academy
S2 7.35am Town Centre 7.52am Aqueduct 7.55am Madeley Academy 7.58am Abraham Darby
S1 3.10pm Abraham Darby 3.13pm Madeley Academy 3.16pm Aqueduct 3.35pm Town Centre
S2 3.20pm Madeley Academy 3.23pm Abraham Darby 3.38pm Sutton Hill 4.05pm Town Centre
Burton Borough, Newport Girls High, Adams Grammar
S5 7.05am Town Centre 7.26am Donnington 7.37am Lilleshall 7.50am Newport
S5 7.25am Town Centre 7.46am Donnington 7.57am Lilleshall 8.10am Newport
S521 7.35am Shrewsbury 8.00am High Ercall 8.15am Edgmond 8.30am Newport Girls High School
S5 8.03am Gnosall Richmond Park 8.22am Newport    
S5 8.13am Gnosall Richmond Park 8.32am Newport    
S5 3.32pm Newport 3.42pm Lilleshall 3.55pm Donnington 4.17pm Town Centre
S521 3.57pm Newport Girls High School 4.12pm Edgmond 4.27pm High Ercall 4.57pm Shrewsbury
S5 4.02pm Newport 4.12pm Lilleshall 4.25pm Donnington 4.47pm Town Centre
S5 4.05pm Newport 4.20pm Gnosall Richmond Park    
Telford College
S7A 7.50am Newport 7.57am Lilleshall 8.28am Hadley 8.43am Wellington
SX4 8.23am Town Centre 8.40am Wellington    
SX4 8.35am Town Centre 8.52am Wellington    
SX4 8.59am Town Centre 9.16am Wellington    
SX4 3.30pm Wellington 3.47pm Town Centre    
SX4 3.42pm Wellington 3.59pm Town Centre    
SX4 3.54pm Wellington 4.11pm Town Centre    
SX4 4.06pm Wellington 4.23pm Town Centre    
SX4 4.18pm Wellington 4.35pm Town Centre    
S7A 4.25pm Wellington 4.35pm Hadley 5.02pm Lilleshall 5.11pm Newport
SX4 4.42pm Wellington 4.59pm Town Centre    
SX4 4.54pm Wellington 5.11pm Town Centre    
Shrewsbury College
SX5 8.10am Telford 8.30am Shrewsbury College    
SX5 2.55pm Shrewsbury College 3.15pm Telford    
SX5 4.10pm Shrewsbury College 4.30pm Telford    

The Council looks to parents and carers to make arrangements for their children to travel safely to their chosen or allocated school where possible and only where we have a statutory duty to do so, will the Council provide funded travel assistance. If you are unable to transport your child to school and believe you are eligible for support from the Council under our statutory duty, please complete the online transport application.

Do I need to re-apply?

  • If you are already in receipt of transport assistance and have moved house since you initially applied or your child is moving school you must re-apply as your eligibility could have changed.
  • Parents/carers for children over the age of 16 must re-apply for assisted transport every academic year.

Important information 

  • Paper applications are no longer accepted and all applications must be made through the online transport application.
  • Due to eligibility checks that are undertaken when considering an application, it can take up to 20 working days to process.

Please note: all applications must be made through the online transport application. Please be aware that as all applications are looked at on individual basis this could take up to 20 working days. If you are applying for your child for September 2020 all applications must be received by the 30 June 2020. If any applications are received after this date your child will not necessarily get transport in time for the start of the new school term.

Applications for home to school transport submitted prior to September 2020 for home to school transport due to start school in September 2020 will be considered under the old Home to school Transport Policy.

All new applications for home to school transport from September 2020 onwards will be considered under the new Home to School Transport Policy this will include in year applications.

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