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Rights of Way enquiries

Based within the Development Management Team our experienced Rights of Way officer can provide an efficient and professional service to all applicants accessing this statutory process. Following submission of your form, which is required three months prior to the publishing of an order, our officer will provide support and advice to your queries.

From Monday 8 May 2017 revised charges and procedures will be applied to any person applying for a diversion or extinguishment of a public right of way under the Highways Act 1980 Section 118 and 119, and under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Section 257.

How much are the charges? 

There will be an initial fee of £1,080 to be paid at the time the application is submitted.

The Rights of Way officer will conduct an initial consideration of the application and if the Council at this stage do not publish an order a refund of £720 will be ordered to the applicant.

Please note: that these charges are exempt of VAT. 

This table shows the summary of charges for rights of way.
Charges (which include the initial fee as above)
Highways Act 1980, S118 (extinguishment) £2,580
Highways Act 1980, S119 (diversion) £2,700
Town and Country Planning Act 1990, S257 (extinguishment) £2,580
Town and Country Planning Act 1990, S257 (diversion) £2,760
Additional costs of document preparation for public inquiry £525

Payments by card can be made over the phone by calling 01952 380380, or in person by visiting Business and Planning First Point, Wellington Civic Offices, Tan Bank, Wellington, Telford, TF1 1LX where we also accept cheques.

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