Driving for work

Driving for work is a course that we provide to businesses in the Telford and Wrekin area, it is an inexpensive method to meet your organisations health and safety requirements.

Driving for work is about how to risk assess before driving and to dynamically risk assess while driving. The course can form part of an induction for new employees and update all employees on company policies and procedures while driving for work.

The workshop breaks down the task of driving for work into three simple but effective areas delivered in an interactive manner through power point, group work, exercises, tests and quizzes.

  • Workshop duration
    Two hours.
  • Who should attend?
    All employees who drive for work.
  • Workshop price

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The journey

Looks at different methods employees use to plan journeys for work and how these methods can be relied upon for safer journeys.

  • Employees consider various types of journeys and what they would do for different seasonal journeys.
  • Employees learn techniques to assess roads to enable them to drive safely.

The driver

  • Drivers learn lawful requirements to be a driver, driver documentation and how driver's attitudes can affect their ability to drive safely.
  • Candidates consider the most common problems that drivers create, the consequences of their actions and what they can do to prevent these problems.

The vehicle

  • Vehicle safety checks and how these checks, if not made, will affect a drivers licence, their own safety, passengers and all other road users safety.
  • We look at the advantages of making these checks to encourage drivers to be even more responsible road users

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