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Traffic and road safety schemes

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The Council has a 4 year investment programme to ‘Protect, Care and Invest to create a better borough’.

Between 2020 and 2024 we are investing over £50m to keep neighbourhoods safe, clean and well connected.

Our vision is to ‘Keep Telford Moving’ and in 2021/2022 we will invest £22m to deliver 200 improvement schemes across the borough as part of the Pride in Our Community programme.

The programme of work includes:

  • improvements to roads
  • improvements to footpaths
  • parking schemes
  • sustainable transport
  • street furniture
  • drainage improvements
  • work on major structures.

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Telford & Wrekin Council receive a high level of requests for traffic and road safety schemes which can range from speeding concerns, collisions concerns, parking issues etc. Each year we prioritise and deliver a number of schemes to help tackle these reported issues. As part of this, we consult with the public to ensure those who are impacted by the proposed changes have an opportunity to provide their comments.

It is considered that the public consultation will be a direct test of public support for one or a combination of the options presented before proceeding to detailed design. The outcome of the public consultation will be reviewed in detail and a decision will be made based on the content of the comments received in the context of the wider transport network.

Factors that will be taken into account will include, but not necessarily be limited to:

  • road safety
  • network operation
  • level of support
  • detail of any objections.

Proposed improvements 

The consultation period is now closed.

The consultation period is now closed.

For a number of years, concerns have been raised regarding traffic flows and vehicular speeds on Horton Lane. Significant investigations were undertaken in 2011, 2015 and again in 2017 where, unfortunately, on each occasion we were not able to reach a consensus with residents of Horton Lane and the wider community. Subsequently a scheme wasn’t taken forward at each of these consultations.

In 2020 an experimental point closure (Prohibition of Driving Order) was installed and has been under review since. The scheme is currently supported by a Traffic Regulation Order which has replaced the initial Experimental Traffic Order. The experiment has achieved its original aims, which were to remove rat-running along Horton Lane, however this has been at the expense of slightly longer journeys for those living north of Horton Lane.

It is noted that travel patterns are still recovering due to impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this has impacted on use of the road network in the experimental period. As such, and to ensure that the full effects of the Order on the community can be taken in to account, particularly around the congestion on other routes, the scheme review period has been extended to June 2023

As part of this extension of the review period, we are continuing to seek public views on the subject through an online survey which can be accessed below. All responses received will be reviewed and a final decision on whether to maintain the closure or revoke it will be made in the Summer of 2023.

We welcome your responses via the link below.

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