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Since April 2017 we have been improving streetlights across the borough by investing £5.2 million on an Energy Efficiency Programme as part of our Pride in Our Community programme.

LED lighting uses significantly less energy than traditional street lighting lanterns enabling at least a 50% reduction in energy. LED’s are also considerably more reliable meaning a reduction in the number of faults and the cost of maintenance. This reduction in energy use helps the Council reach CO2 reduction targets.

This is an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of street lighting for residents and has delivered significant savings of £420,000 per year since 2018/19. This type of light also considerably reduces the level of pollution as LED's don't contain harmful chemicals found in traditional lights such as mercury and sodium. They also don't emit any ultraviolet or infrared light and therefore do not negatively impact on the environment.

The work is being carried out by the Council’s street lighting contractor Prysmian Cables & Systems. Over 20,000 lights will be upgraded to LED lighting and concrete columns will be replaced with new steel columns.

We are nearing completion of this 2 year programme which started in May 2017. Our aim is to complete the work by the end of March 2019, however, there are a small number of street lights that either need a new column, have non-standard lanterns or where there are issues around accessibility, there are approximately 500 of these and they will be completed by the end of the summer 2019.

Area Start date Completion date
Arleston   Complete
Brookside   Complete
Church Aston   Complete
College   Complete
Dawley Hamlets   Complete
Donnington   Complete
Dothill   Complete
Edgmond   Complete
Ercall   Complete
Great Dawley   Complete   
Hadley   Complete
Haygate   Complete
Hollinswood   Complete
Ironbridge   Complete
Ketley   Complete
Ketley Bank   Complete
Ketley Grange   Complete
Lawley   Complete
Leegomery   Complete
Lilleshall   Complete
Little Wenlock   Complete
Madeley   Complete
Malinslee   Complete
Muxton   Complete
Newport   Complete
Oakengates   Complete
Overdale   Complete
Park   Complete
Priorslee   Complete
Randlay   Complete
Rodington   Complete
Shawbirch   Complete
St Georges   Complete
Stirchley   Complete
Sutton Hill   Complete
The Gorge   Complete
Trench   Complete
Wellington   Complete
Woodside   Complete
Wrockwardine   Complete
Wrockwardine Wood   Complete

Is every council owned street light being upgraded?
Yes. Some streets within the borough have already been converted to LED lanterns. All other Council owned street lights will be converted.

Why is my street not being converted at the same time as others on my estate?
As the teams upgrade the street lights in each area, they inspect each column and light first. In some cases, the column will need replacing and so it will be at this point that the new LEDs are installed. Some columns are in need of a further inspection, and so these too are being done later.

There are also some columns that have decorative lanterns which are being retained but the lights inside will be replaced, so they might not look as if they have been upgraded but they have. If the column is included in the LED upgrade programme it will be upgraded.

Why are some of the lights in my road not being replaced when others are?
As the teams upgrade the street lights in each area, they inspect each column and light first. In some cases, the column will need replacing or have non-standards lanterns or there maybe issues around accessibility and some columns are also in need of a further inspection. If the column is included in the LED upgrade programme, it will be completed by the end of Summer 2019.

Will the street lights be switched off while the work is taking place?
No. The existing street lights will remain working until the new lights are fitted. Where a new column is being installed the existing light will remain working. The new column will then be installed as near to the existing column as possible.

Will there be any difference to the lighting?
Yes. The LED lighting gives a whiter light than many of the existing street lights which makes it easier to make out objects and pedestrians.

Will any street lighting columns be removed?
No, there are no proposals to reduce the lighting in the borough. In the residential areas the lighting will be maintained to the current national standards using the existing street lighting column locations. Where a column is concrete this will be replaced with a new steel column.

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