Help living in your own home

There are a number of services and options available to help you look after yourself, maintain your quality of life and live independently and safely in your own home.

Before you consider going into a care home there may be some other options available to you that will help you to remain living in your home.

Help living in your own home

There are lots of services, equipment and support available that may help you maintain your independence in your own home, you can have a look on the Live Well Telford website for support you to maintain your independence or you can contact Wellbeing Independence Partnership on telephone: 01952 385385 (when prompted please select option two) who can provide you with information, advice and advocacy.

Short term accommodation

These range from young persons/family accommodation, accommodation for those experiencing homelessness, to accommodation for those with mental health needs or learning difficulties.

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Sheltered housing and extra care schemes

Moving home can be a difficult decision for anyone, but can be particularly difficult if the reason for moving is that you now need care or support. Your may also feel that your current property is no longer suitable due to your health or disability.

Within Telford and Wrekin there are a range of housing options that you may wish to consider. Here is a brief outline of the options and how to apply.

Extra care, sheltered or supported housing

There are lots of different options available from housing providers 

Extra care housing within Telford. Each of these offers your own apartment which is rented directly from the registered social landlord. Care and support is provided by a care provider on site over 24 hours. There are also other on site facilities including a restaurant, hairdressers, shop and other social opportunities. Age restrictions apply. For your care to be funded it needs to be assessed for, and agreed by Adult Social Care - where care and support charges apply, these will be made separate to charges for rent and utilities.

Sheltered and supported schemes that offer housing related support from the housing provider. This can be to help you to manage your tenancy enable you to budget and to provide you with support so that you can remain safe and independent in your home, by referring you and assisting with accessing social services and occupational therapy equipment. There may also be a 24 hour community alarm system.

There are a range of properties including flats and bungalows. Age restrictions may apply.

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Applications are through the Homes Direct website and Telford Housing Options website or directly to the housing provider. Please be aware that applicants will have to undergo a care and financial assessment as part of the process.

Housing - rented accommodation

There are a range of options regarding renting a property that you may wish to consider.

Renting from a housing association (social landlord)

There are lots of housing associations in Telford. You can find out what housing is available, rent charges and the application process by visiting their websites.

They often have a range of properties including flats and bungalows but you may want to enquire to see if they have a waiting list.

Age restrictions may apply but some housing associations may cater for young people aged 16 years.

Housing associations often have an added benefit in support workers to help you manage your tenancies, bills and any other issues you may be having to do with your home.

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Renting from a private landlord

If you wish to rent from a private landlord you can contact any private landlord, estate agent alternatively you can look on Telford Homefinder website or NuPlace website.

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You can find out information about the different types of tenancies on the GOV.UK website.


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