Changes coming to Civil Parking Enforcement

Please don’t make us give you a parking ticket. From 31 January 2020 we will be able to issue fines. Please park legally and considerately.

Changes coming to Civil Parking Enforcement

Gadgets to help with your memory


Image of memrable

MemRabel is a memory prompt for people with dementia, people with learning or cognitive disabilities, or those that are forgetful. You can record personal messages that are played back to individually set times. So a message could be “remember to take your medication” or “remember you have a doctors appointment today”.

Motion Activated Memo Minder

Image of a pir monitor sensor

When the device detects movement the recorded voice message is played. So for example it could be placed by the door with a message saying “remember to lock the door when you leave”.


Image of a pivotel

Ideal for those having difficulty remembering to take their medication in the correct dose and at the correct time. The user is alerted with an audible alarm and flashing light. You can discuss this item with your local pharmacy.

Talking Alarm Clock and Medication Reminder

Image of a speaking alarm 


This clock as well as speaking the time enables you to set up to four medication alarms throughout the day.

Last updated: 9.50pm on Wednesday 17 April 2019