Dale End District Park

Dale End District Park

Dale End Park is situated in a busy rural area to the South of Telford and serves the communities of Ironbridge and Coalbrookdale, it is also visited by regional and national visitors due to the World Heritage Site of Ironbridge. Surrounded primarily by the Gorge and the River Severn. The Park was formally a recreation ground from 1870 and designated as a formal park in 1970. The park has excellent landscape value and is dominated by specimen trees, formal and informal planting as well as the beautiful view of the Gorge creating an overall landscape value and character created by its surroundings. The site has been used as a formal recreation area since 1870, when the Rowing Club was founded and the annual regatta (a long established and popular event). Present recreational value of the park to visitors and more local users is recognised with particular relations to its floral displays, riverside walks, and the events and sports provision provided by the regatta field. 

Facilities and features

  • Play area.
  • Sports fields on the regatta playing fields.
  • Formal bedding.
  • Conservation areas.


Dale End Park


  • There is a car park located in Dale End Park. 
  • There are multple disabled parking bays located in Dale End Park.

The location of Dale End District Park on Google maps

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