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Empty properties

If you’re concerned about an empty home let us know (residential properties only please):

To report an empty property, visit the Public Protection and Private Sector Housing Online Services portal

You can also contact us by calling 01952 383838.

We'll need the following information:

The address of the property or location on a map.

The condition of the property

An estimate of how long the property has been empty

The issues or concerns you have regarding the empty property.

It would also help our investigation if you have an idea of who owns the property or some history of the property.

Can I find out who owns an empty property?

We can't tell you who owns a property due to data protection but this information can be obtained from the Land Registry for a small fee.

Are you a developer after a list of empty homes in the area?

Unfortunately, we are unable to distribute a list of empty homes in our area due to data protection. However, most properties which we are dealing with through our interventions including enforced sales and order of sales will become available for sale on the popular “for sale” websites for example Rightmove, Zoopla, Market Place and are often available via auction. 

Is the property you have purchased in a derelict condition?

The Government’s Valuation Office Agency is responsible for deciding if a property should be removed from Council tax listing due to its derelict state. This is the decision of the VOA and not the Council Tax Department. Visit the GOV.UK website for more information and for submitting an application.

Need Help regarding Probate?

View the probate page for more information about probate.

With our adopted Empty Homes Strategy, we aim to bring long-term empty homes back into use. The strategy provides the framework for dealing with the various issues associated with long-term empty homes in the private housing sector and RSL’s .

To make this strategy a success, we need to continue to build on the existing working relationships internal and external with partnerships to raise the profile of the empty homes.

Download the Empty Property Strategy

If you would like to discuss the empty property strategy please contact the Empty Property Officer telephone: 01952 383838.

Download the Empty Property Strategy - update 2023

Telford & Wrekin Council has adopted to use premium rates of Council tax for empty properties:

  • 2 years empty 100% on top of your standard rate
  • 5 years empty 200% on top of your standard rate
  • 10 years empty 300% on top of your standard rate.

Please be aware that the time empty starts from when the property first became empty regardless of a change in ownership the premium rate will apply to new owners therefore before purchasing a property you should check if the empty property you are purchasing is subject to a premium rate. Please contact the Council Tax Section on CouncilTaxEmail@telford.gov.uk.

View information about empty property charges.

From the 1 April 2024

Properties left empty for one year  will be charged 100% council tax on top of the full council tax, an overall charge of 200%. 

Properties left empty for five years  or more will be charged 200% council tax on top of the full charge, an overall charge of 300%.

Properties left empty for ten years or more will be charged 300% council tax on top of the full charge, an overall charge of 400%. 

This premium applies to the property and is not affected by changes to ownership or tenancy. If a property has been empty for at least one year upon purchase or lease of a property, you will be charged the additional premium. The premium will end once it is occupied as a person's main residence. 

Previous exemptions

The following no longer attract an exemption and are subject to 100% of the Council Tax charge:

  • Class A - premises undergoing or requiring structural repair or alteration work
  • Class C - premises that are unoccupied and unfurnished
  • second homes
  • premises that are unoccupied and furnished.

View the Council Tax Exemptions page for more information and all relevant forms.

Last updated: 08/03/2024 10:47

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