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Energy performance certificates

An energy performance certificate (EPC) gives information on the energy performance of a building on a scale from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient).

What information will an EPC provide?

EPCs must:

  • contain information on the building's current and potential energy use and carbon dioxide emission
  • include a reference value, such as a current legal standard or benchmark
  • be issued by an energy assessor who is accredited to produce EPCs for the category of building to which the certificate relates
  • include a recommendation report with suggestions on how to reduce energy use and carbon dioxide emissions. The report may also state whether these improvements are eligible for finance under the Green Deal scheme
  • provide reference information (unique certificate reference number, date of issue)
  • include the address of the building and its total useful floor area
  • be valid - an EPC is valid if it was entered on to the register no more than 10 years before the date it is made available or until a newer EPC is produced and registered, whichever is earlier.

Whose responsibility is it to obtain an EPC?

  • If the building is being offered for sale, it is the responsibility of the seller to provide the EPC to the potential buyer.
  • If it is being rented, then it is the responsibility of the landlord to provide the EPC to the potential tenant.

When should an EPC be given?

  • At the earliest opportunity to tenants and buyers, free of charge.
  • If requested, it must be provided as soon as it is available in writing.
  • Where a viewing has been requested, an EPC must be provided at the time of the viewing.
  • A copy of the EPC must be given free of charge to the successful tenant or buyer.

The energy performance indicator (A-G rating) must also be stated in any advertisement of the sale or rental in commercial media.

Where a building is placed on the market for sale or rent, the relevant person (for example, the seller or landlord) and their agent must ensure that a valid EPC has been obtained for the property. If there is no valid EPC then they must satisfy themselves that an EPC has been commissioned for the property before it is placed on the market and before it is marketed, and must make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the EPC has been obtained within seven days of first marketing the property.

Visit the Business companion website for guidance on EPCs, including exemptions

Does my property have an EPC?

Visit the GOV.UK website to check whether your rented property has an EPC


Failure to comply with the EPC requirement can result in a penalty charge of £200 being issued.

If you believe you were not provided with a copy of an EPC or living in a property which does not have an EPC, you can inform Telford & Wrekin Council:

Telephone: 01952 381818
Email: rogue@telford.gov.uk.

Last updated: 04/03/2021 15:20

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