ECO3 Local authority declaration for Telford & Wrekin Council

As part of ECO3 – Energy Company Obligation, local authorities are able to publish a Statement of Intent (SOI - also known as Local Authority Flex). The SOI is a public statement of the criteria set by the local authority to identify households eligible for energy efficiency measures provided under ECO3 funding  - download the SOI.

This funding relates to owner occupiers and private tenants only.

In accordance with the provisions of the ECO Order, eligible households must be either;

  1. living in fuel poverty i.e. low income, high cost or;
  2. have a low income and are vulnerable to the cold.

Telford & Wrekin Council identify these households as:

(a) Criteria for identifying households in fuel poverty (low Income high cost)

Private sector households will be considered at risk of fuel poverty if they are determined to be a low income household and live in a high cost home, in relation to energy use.

Low income is defined by:

  • having a household income, after the payment of rent/mortgage, council tax, and utility bills of less than £22,200.

High heating cost households are determined by:

  1. the property has an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) of D, E, F or G or;
  2. if the property doesn’t have an EPC, then having a score of 50 or more from questions available in main SoI.


(b) Criteria for identifying low income and vulnerability to cold (LIVC)

Private sector households will be considered vulnerable to the effects of living in a cold home if they are determined to be a low income household and meet one the vulnerable to cold conditions listed in the main SoI document.

It should also be noted that declaration from the local authority does not guarantee install – this is subject to survey and funding being available.

The assessment of the quality of the work is not subject to this declaration and is an agreement between the applicant and the supplier/installer

To apply for a declaration, email

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