Free parking

Parking charges in the Ironbridge Gorge and two other council run car parks in Telford are suspended to support local businesses.

From 6 November 2020 until 31 December 2020 the following car parks in the Ironbridge Gorge will be free:

  • The Square, Ironbridge
  • The Wharfage
  • Waterloo St
  • Ironbridge Central
  • Dale End.

The following car parks in Telford town centre will be free from 6 November 2020 until at least 2 December 2020 when this will be reviewed:

  • Dark Lane in Telford Town Park
  • Hall Court  (opposite Forge Retail Park, Telford town centre).

The Council is closing its multi-storey car park at Southwater from 6 November 2020 until 2 December 2020 when this will also be reviewed.

This is the latest measure by the Council to support businesses in the borough and in particular the Ironbridge Gorge, who have had to deal with the impact of the worst flooding in decades in February followed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

All other council run car parks in the borough are already free to use.

Most car parks around Telford Town Centre are operated by Telford Shopping Centre, not the Council.

Last updated: 06/11/2020 16:43