Planning - COVID-19 service updates

A list of changes to our planning services.

Due to unprecedented times and in order to avoid considerable delays we ask anyone wishing to submit a planning application to submit it directly through the Planning Portal website. This will ensure the information is received directly into our back office system and is immediately available to us.

With the indication from government that social distancing will continue for the foreseeable future, to ensure continuity of the service we will resume neighbour consultations, site and press notices from immediate effect.

All planning applications can be viewed on planning online, and if anyone has comments to make we advise you send them through our online system.

You can also register to receive notifications of new planning applications in your parish or ward.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and with the government restrictions in place for public meetings and gatherings, the Council is unable to hold its Planning Committee meetings in public. Instead, following changes to government legislation, these meetings are now being undertaken remotely through an audio stream which is broadcast live through the council's YouTube channel. Visit our Planning Committee website for information and guidance.

The procedures for the Planning Committee still apply. Site visits are not undertaken and the schedule/timing of planning committee meetings now vary.

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