Multi use game areas (MUGA's), skate parks and BMX tracks

From Saturday 23 May 2020, all outdoor MUGA's, skate parks and BMX tracks will re-open in the borough. The opening of outdoor sport and leisure facilities are subject to residents following government guidelines regarding social distancing.

Telford Town Park's MUGA will be open from 21 May 2020.

The social distancing guidelines for the use of MUGA’s, skate parks and BMX tracks replicate those already in place for parks and outdoor sports facilities. Exercise, alone, with your household, or with one person who is not in your household as long as you stay two metres apart.

Please note whilst outdoor sports courts and facilities are now open, all outdoor gyms and playgrounds remain closed. Please do not use them. 

Be aware that other people may have been in contact with outdoor surfaces before you, consider taking hand sanitizer/wipes with you and wash your hands at the earliest opportunity. 

This table shows the location and facility of MUGA's, skate parks and BMX tracks.
Location Facility
Windsor Road, Arleston MUGA
Brookside Centre MUGA and skate park
Millfields Road, Wellington MUGA
Wallshead Way, Church Aston MUGA
Hills Lane, Madeley MUGA and BMX
Sutton Hill Centre MUGA, skate park and BMX
Broadoaks, Donnington MUGA and BMX
Donnington Rec MUGA and skate park
Pageant Drive, Aqueduct MUGA and BMX
Edgmond playing fields MUGA
Millstream Way, Leegomery MUGA, skate park and BMX
Etruria village, Hadley MUGA
Grooms Alley, Wellington MUGA and BMX
Glendale, Lawley MUGA and BMX
1st Avenue, Ketley MUGA
Princes End, Dawley Bank MUGA
Rock Road, Overdale MUGA
Malinslee Centre MUGA
Norbroom Park, Newport MUGA, skate park and BMX
The Cloisters, St Georges MUGA and skate park
Teece Drive, Priorslee MUGA
Randlay Centre MUGA
Culmington, Stirchley MUGA and skate park
Park Lane centre, Woodside MUGA, skate park, BMX, and pana court
Grange Avenue, Stirchley BMX
Malinslee, Playing Fields, Malinslee BMX
Woodside Avenue, Woodside BMX
Brindleyford MUGA
Freeston Avenue MUGA
St Georges MUGA

Last updated: 09/11/2020 11:50