Re-opening of local businesses in Telford Town Centre

Measures in place

The following measures have been put in place to enable social distancing so that businesses are able to re-open and the public to feel safe:

  • Southwater multi storey car park will be open for contactless payment using tap and go only
  • two way pedestrian system on the steps between the bus station and the entrance to Telford Shopping Centre
  • advisory signs on the various footbridge requesting pedestrians keep left
  • removal of street furniture in Southwater to create more space for pedestrians and businesses
  • social distancing signage and graphics.

These measures will be reviewed regularly and we welcome your feedback.

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Southwater multi-storey car park is now back open and we are encouraging everyone to pay contactless. Use the new tap and go system where there is no need for you to press a button to get a ticket or pay at the machines before you exit you simply

  • tap your debit/credit card once at the barrier on entry
  • park your car and go off and do your shopping
  • no need to go to the pay machine just head back to your car
  • tap the same debit/credit card twice at the barrier at the exit
  • your payment will be automatically calculated.

You do need a contactless card in order to use this system.

Normal car parking charges apply.

Telford Shopping Centre is responsible for the social distancing measures within the centre and on their car parks. For more information on what they have put in place please visit the Telford Centre website. Their car parks will also be chargeable from 15 June 2020.

Video of Telford Town Centre

Video of Southwater multi-storey 

Map of changes

A picture of a re-opening map of changes to Telford Town Centre

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