Food parcels, food shopping and meals

The council is doing everything it can to provide extra support for its residents so we can help and protect those who need our help during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We have included step by step processes with information, advice and services. Please follow these steps in order to see the support that is available to you. This information is provided at a time where there is constant change and the services suggested below may vary.

We are able to provide support to access food to people who have to self-isolate and have no family, friends or neighbours who can help them.

DEFRA supermarket referral

  • For individuals unable to access food as they are self-isolating at home because they have tested positive, or showing symptoms of COVID-19. We may be able to refer you for a priority shopping delivery slot at Iceland or Tesco. This programme is available for the 10-day self-isolation period for those who have not been able to access food and other essential supplies themselves, due to circumstances related to self-isolation because of COVID-19.
  • If you qualify for this priority service, our staff will, with your agreement, enter your details into the Defra programme portal.
  • Depending on which option you choose, you will either be provided with a code or receive an email from the supermarket with a reference number and instructions.
  • Once we have registered you with the programme, you will be able to order and pay for your groceries online yourself.

Please note: this programme has limited capacity and registration.

Please download the privacy notice for the supermarket referral scheme.