Anti social behaviour

A picture of a bus shelter with shattered glass

Monthly ASB patrol information - June 2021

The Anti-Social Behaviour team carry out a wide range of actions to tackle ASB, working with a wide range of organisations to include local Safer Neighbourhood Policing teams. 

This table displays the different types of activities carried out by the ASB team during June 2021.
Activities carried out Monthly statistics
Enquiries Twenty nine cases received in relation to noise and nuisance neighbours.
Number of patrols and the locations covered

Two patrols a week in the following areas:

  • Meadowlea, Madeley due to fly tipping.
  • Rose Crescent, general patrol.
  • Wedgewood Crescent due to ASB and fly tipping.
  • Clay pools due to reports of ASB.
  • Johnston Road, Dawley due to reports of ASB.
  • Sutton Hill Community Centre, due to reports of ASB.
Mobile cameras request and deployments
  • Deployment at Meadowlea, Madeley due to fly tipping.
  • Deployment at Newport High Street near the Swan Pub on behalf of Newport Town Council.
  • Deployment at Jackfield Maws Craft Centre due to reports of ASB
  • Deployment at Woodside, Westbourne due to reports of ASB.
  • Deployment at Rose Crescent due to reports of ASB.
  • Deployment at Ten Tree Croft due to reports of ASB. 
Number of ongoing ASB cases being investigated
  • Ten ongoing cases.
Number of ASB visits (tenant meetings, Landlord meetings, police meetings)
  • Two drop in session at Wellington Police Station.
  • One drop in session at Donnington Police Station.
  • Two drop in sessions at Madeley Police Station.
  • Two drop in sessions at Malinsgate Police Station.
Number of Community Protection Notices and Warnings (CPNW), civil injunctions issued
  • None. 
Number of CCTV requests (Freedom of Information (FOI) and police)
  • Eleven Police requests and two FOIs. 
Multi agency operations
  • One operation held at Sutton Hill for ASB. 
  • Sutton Hill Safer Streets operation. 
  • One operation held at the travellers site due to ASB.
ASBRAC (Anti-Social Behaviour Risk Assessment Conference) or Community Triggers
  • Two Multi agency meetings with Family Connect.