What's in it for you?

Rewards and benefits

As a council employee, you are entitled to a range of excellent terms and conditions.

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All new employees will receive a structured induction that ensures they are able to understand the organisation and their role in it.

The induction process is about:

  • helping employees settle into their new environment and their responsibilities
  • engaging new employees in our Vision and Values, HR practices, health and safety rules and of course the job they are required to do
  • however, it is more than skills and knowledge training' it is also about the basics that seasoned employees all take for granted: working patterns; where the photocopier is; routine for holiday booking and recording sickness; dress code etc.

Employees will be provided with opportunities to shadow and co-work as part of their induction where possible.


We want our employees to feel engaged and involved so realised that communication is key to this. We have a variety of communication methods for sharing key messages with our staff and all staff will receive regular briefings from their manager as well as information from:

  • online staff and manager briefings
  • team briefs
  • weekly staff news
  • internal intranet
  • ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions with the Chief Executive.

Last updated: 28/07/2021 16:17