You may have Permitted Development Rights but did you know you may still need Building Regulations?

An exterior photo showing the doors and windows of a new build terrace house

Did you know that although your proposal may be considered Permitted Development for Planning, Building Regulations may still apply? There are a number of things that require Planning consent that do not require Building Regulation approvals. However, anything relating to a building i.e. extensions, renovations, upgrades or new installations may require a Building Regulations approval.

The best way to avoid additional and unnecessary Building Control charges is to contact the Building Control team before you start any work and find out if you need our support. However, if work has started and you need Building Regulations approval, you will need to apply for a regularisation certificate.

What is a regularisation certificate?

Regularisation is a way for local authorities to check and approve unauthorised building work.

Although it is a criminal offence to do building work without getting building regulations approval, we understand that home owners sometimes do not know they need to get approval. If you apply for regularisation, we will do what we can to help you meet the regulations.

If you are selling a property where work has been done without approval, solicitors and buyers may accept a regularisation certificate instead of a building regulations approval completion certificate however a regularisation certificate is not the same as building regulations approval.

Some of the most common work we receive regularisation certificates application for are as follows:

  • Re-roofing: If you are replacing more than 25% of your roof, you may require Building Control approval. As part of a re-roofing application you may be required to upgrade the insulation in your roof space.
  • Replacement windows and doors: These can be installed by companies registered under a competent person scheme such as FENSA, however, if your installer is not registered under a competent person’s scheme, Building Control approval must be sought. Even if a company is FENSA registered, they are not covered for new installations of windows and doors, as this is a creation of an opening and as such, a structural alteration.
  • Garage conversion: Garage conversions are commonly classed as Permitted Development under planning regulations, but, will always require Building Control approval where a habitable room is being created or a controlled service installed.
  • Installation of a W/C: Where any new drainage is being installed, Building Control approval is required. This includes new W/C’s, bathrooms or en-suites but does not normally apply where an existing W/C, bathroom or en-suite is being renovated.
  • Removal of load bearing walls: One of the most common alterations to a property is to remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room to allow an open plan kitchen and dining area, particularly in older properties where it is likely that this wall is load bearing. If this wall is load bearing, a Building Control application will be required as this is also classed as a structural alteration.

View more information in our building regulations pages or on the planning portal website.

For any questions relating to the above or any building regulation queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Building Control team on 01952 384555 or by email at

Last updated: 10/05/2022 16:28