Orleton Park, Principle Point - Building Control Case Study

A photograph of the Principle Point development


Erection of 165 dwellings.

Key data

  • Start date: June 2018
  • Completion date: Ongoing

LABC Building Excellence Awards

Best Social/Affordable New Housing Development & Best High Volume New Housing Development


Lovell Partnerships Ltd

Key issues

During the Orleton Park development, there were a number of challenges posed by design, attenuation features and the 4 Tree Preservation Orders, which were situated onsite. The dedicated team at Lovell’s easily managed the issues that arose with the support from our Building Control team.

With the works being carried out onsite, the foundations were pre-cast driven piles ranging from 7-14 meters in depth with an onsite steel fabricated ring beams which further incorporated steps and heaves for additional protection due to the amount of trees which were once situated on the site. This development also incorporated a pumping station and attenuation feature to be installed before any dwellings were occupied. The developers and site agents had an open transparent line of communication with the surveyors and if issues arose they were able to advise in advance ensuring any issues were not repeated, which was a very large task with the number of subcontractors on site.

What our customers said

Stewart Ball - Development Coordinator, Lovell, said "The development at Orleton Lane has had a number of challenges along the way with its variety of design, such as concrete driven piles, sheet wall piling, pumping station and attenuation features, but these have all been easily managed with the support and information supplied from the team. In addition to the delivery of housing across the development, Lovell are required to provide a Sports Pavilion and 2No. Sports pitches which is something not usual for our developments. With the support from the team, this is progressing well and we look forward to handing this over once complete.

"To be short listed as a finalist at the LABC Awards 2020 for Best High Volume New Housing Development for Orleton Park, Principle Point, is a credit to not only all the Lovell team for their continued hard work, especially in the current climate we find ourselves in, but also to the invaluable assistance given at every step of the way by the team. As always they manage to exceed expectations, and I look forward to working closely with them on future projects."

What our team thinks

Mark Kelly - Area Building Control Surveyor, "This is an ambitious project to develop part of the town to provide a better quality of housing and facilities. The site is a large scale housing project that is being conducted around an existing residential area.

"The site agents are working tirelessly with the local authority and building control to ensure standards are high and that the performance gap is reduced."

A photograph of the building site at the Principle Point development

A photograph of a bedroom at the Principle Point development

A photograph showing the progress of the Principle Point development

A photograph of the Principle Point development

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