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Baby summer safety tips from The Lullaby Trust

Published: Thursday, 1 August 2019

The sun is shining and many families are taking their summer holidays. The Lullaby Trust want families to enjoy the summer and keep their babies safe, so have released some tips to support parents.


The chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is higher in babies who get too hot, but keeping them cool in the summer can be tricky. Every baby is different, and the advice on room temperature of between 16 to 20 degrees Celsius is intended as a guide. It is important that parents check their baby regularly to see if they are too hot. 

Top tips for hot rooms


  • Close the blinds/curtains and, if safe to do so, keep a window open during the day to keep the room from getting too hot
  • Putting a fan in the bedroom can help to circulate the air, but make sure it is out of reach and not pointed directly at the baby
  • Reduce layers; just a nappy with no bedding is fine in hot weather
  • Monitor the temperature with a room thermometer

It is also important that babies are cool when out and about. The Lullaby Trust advise using a clip-on sunshade for the pram. A temperate fact sheet can be downloaded from their website for further information.

Do not cover prams

Prams should not be covered with blankets, cloths or any cover that prevents the air from circulating. Covering a pram or buggy with a blanket could lead to overheating, which increases the risk of SIDS. 

Following a safer sleep routine on holiday

It is important that safer sleep advice is followed for every sleep period. Child Death Overview Reports show that a change in circumstance, such as family holidays, can mean that the advice has not been followed and, sadly, babies have died.


  • Babies should be put on their BACK for every sleep in a CLEAR, FLAT SLEEP PLACE.
  • Keep them SMOKE FREE, day and night

On holiday, a travel cost is a great way to achieve this. The mattresses are often thinner and feel harder, but do not place folded blankets or a quilt under the baby to make them 'more comfortable'. 


Copies of the new safer sleep leaflets can be downloaded from The Lullaby Trust website. 

Safer co-sleeping advice

It is important to be aware of co-sleeping with families going on holiday or visiting family and friends over the summer. If parents have alcoholic drinks, smoke or have taken medication that could make them drowsy, sleeping in the same bed as a baby can be very dangerous, and increases the risk of SIDS.  

The Lullaby Trust have developed a video and further information on co-sleeping for parents, which can be accessed via their website