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Paddle sports


There is something very special about being in control of your own small boat!

At Arthog Outreach we are very lucky to have a range of craft of different styles and access to a variety of fantastic venues including a swimming pool, our own sheltered lakes, canals, and the River Severn.

We run skills courses that enable us to deliver the BCU Paddlepower Award, and Star Awards.

Your options

For novices we use open canoes (Canadian canoes) on one of our lakes, developing basic skills and building confidence with a 'fun and games' session. Sharing a boat with a partner who also has a paddle can present some interesting problems, so this is a great activity for developing communication skills and cooperative working.

For the more experienced and adventurous, and in the spirit of early travellers, we can take canoes to the local canals or make use of the river Severn and see how people and goods got around the country in the days before the coming of the railways.

Our kayaks are ideal for introductory sessions on small lakes or for more advanced sessions on the canals and river Severn. We also have a fleet of kayaks in our indoor swimming pool. This provides a safe and warm environment to build basic skills and confidence and  the opportunity to practice more advanced skills.

Occasionally we organise longer trips further afield for anyone interested in journeying by canoe. Please view Arthog Away information.

People on a canoe children canoeing empty canoes