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Underground exploration


The quiet and beautiful Shropshire Hills have been exploited since the Bronze Age, and at one stage boasted the largest lead mines in the world. Now mostly forgotten and lost a few mines remain which are safe to explore. The caves and mines of Shropshire offer a fascinating opportunity to discover and explore the world beneath our feet.

Your options

Each underground site has its own history, feel and challenges. Whether it is negotiating the twisting tunnels of a mine with thousands of years of history, visiting an abandoned Victorian mine and village, or visiting caves where the power of water has left a network of passages and underground rivers, we will tell you about the rock and the life and work of the miners through the ages as we explore .

This adventure is appropriate for all ages and abilities, with the venue and route being chosen to suit the group.

For more experienced explorers there are plenty of fascinating systems to choose from and occasionally we host cave/ mine exploration weekends for those who want to do more.

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Child exploring underground child exploring under ground cave