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Orienteering is a fun but powerful tool that can be used in a myriad of different ways. For some orienteering can provide the gateway to the outdoors leading to a love of exploring the countryside. For many children it provides the first opportunity to hunt for treasure in the real world not just via a computer game. It can be used to develop a range of skills including an understanding of maps and navigation in a practical and fun way. Orienteering can be run as a group, paired, or individual activity.

Your options

We can introduce the activity using our on-site course as part of a longer day of problem solving activities or we can use other courses further afield for more of a challenge.

We encourage younger participants to work in pairs giving them the freedom to explore the orienteering area and find their own way. This encourages their independence, self-reliance and cooperative skills.

children orienteering children orienteering children orienteering