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Nights away

people campingThe instructors here at Arthog Outreach are really passionate about nights away and they have been to some pretty unusual places. They have slept in caves in foreign lands, slept on big rock walls whilst climbing and on the banks of many Scottish lochs and rivers. There is also a buzz around the staff room when expeditions are being planned as it’s just so exciting!

If we get excited by being away overnight then just think what a truly memorable experience it could be for someone doing it for the first time. Be it sleeping out under the stars on one of our amazing survival courses, in tents on one of our excellent DoE expeditions, or for a taste of ‘luxury’ in bunk house type accommodation.

All our locations are carefully selected to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time with us. We have access to several excellent local venues to suit all abilities including those whose needs require more than a tent.