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Schools and young people

bushSince its inception, 'Arthog Outreach' has worked very closely with schools. The provision has evolved as a consequence of the innovative demands placed upon it by schools and the skills and adaptability of the Outreach Team.

There have been many very positive and exciting aspects to its evolution. The links on this page (to the right) will provide a flavour of our work - but we are always open to new ideas.


A typical 'Outreach day' would see your group collected from school, equipped from our stores, expertly led through their day of activities - and returned tired, dirty and enriched as a result of their experience.

Each activity day is preceded by liaison with the school to ensure that the experience best meets the needs of the children.

This 'all inclusive' provision enables schools to engage children in learning outside of the classroom without the extra burden of organisation that this entails.

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