Is based in Wellington and operates locally to bring the adventures to you - or with the minimum of travel takes you to the adventure!

Arthog Outreach has the same ethos and focus on high quality outdoor education as the residential centre in North Wales. Outreach operates in a setting which can sometimes be overlooked and creates opportunities to encourage participation in adventurous activities closer to home.

We offer a variety of adventure and environmental activities on and off site. A short minibus drive gives us access to stunning locations within Shropshire and fantastic opportunities for adventurous activities.



The area abounds with opportunities for enjoying the outdoors at many different levels, and offers the visitor a rare glimpse of a landscape influenced by human activity over thousands of years. Ancient burial sites, standing stones and hill forts, are intermingled with more recent canals, mines and settlements.

To maintain our high standards we employ well qualified outdoor educators and work with small group sizes. We provide real activities in the real outdoors to enable individuals and teams to experience challenge in wild, natural places.