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Schools and young people

If you are reading this, you probably have an interest in the benefits to young people of an outdoor education experience. You may well have received promotional materials from other outdoor 'activity' centres. To help you decide which is for you, I would like to explain the philosophy and ethos which underpin our work at Arthog.

Activities at Arthog are a means to an end, not an end in themselves.

Our experienced team of outdoor practitioners are not only highly qualified in adventure activity leadership, but are also very skilful at using the outdoor experience to promote personal and social development and learning.

Facing appropriate levels of challenge and experiencing success, raises self confidence, self esteem and self reliance. Sharing experiences with others in the outdoors leads to a greater understanding of self, other people and the environment.

Because our staff team are highly qualified and experienced across a broad spectrum of outdoor adventure activities, we are able to provide continuity of instructor and group. Each instructor has 'ownership' of their group and they work closely with visiting staff to ensure that the aims of the school and needs of the young people are met. They have the autonomy to make decisions about which venues they use for their activities and how they manage the programme to ensure suitability and successful outcomes.