Education Noticeboard - 18 May 2023

Welcome to the Education Noticeboard. A round-up of news, guidance and key updates for education settings.

Included in this update:

  1. Director update
  2. Best Start for Life Launch
  3. Give a local child a brighter future by fostering with your council
  4. Telford’s Big Walk Week: 29 May – 4 June 2023
  5. Kids for a £1 activities back for May half term.
  6. ‘Ofsted – what to expect when you’re inspected’ – an online Teams event for Telford & Wrekin schools and academies
  7. Governance and inspection: Education inspection framework webinar
  8. Emerade injection recall
  9. Increase in cases of measles
  10. School Travel Assistance – please apply before 30 June 2023!
  11. Free education sessions from the St Giles Trust
  12. Free online learning session to raise awareness around domestic abuse
  13. SOS+ Criminal Exploitation Training for education professionals
  14. DSL Termly Update – 7 June 2023 at 4pm
  15. SEND Parent Carer and Family Newsletter – Spring 2023
  16. BeeU SEND Services in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin – Helpful Advice
  17. Free online Cool Kids information session
  18. Do you want to earn money whilst having fun this summer?
  19. PODS Open Day – Saturday 24 June 2023
  20. PODS - Preparing for Adulthood Navigator Service
  21. New Early Years entitlements
  22. Early Years and childcare in Telford Town Centre
  23. NEET News: May 2023 update
  24. An opportunity to place your CPD course bookings
  25. Primary Science Conference: 23 June 2023
  26. Schools Pre-Inspection Data and Insight Team’s communication
  27. Teaching Musically with Charanga
  28. Level 5 Certificate in Primary School Physical Education Specialism
  29. Factsheet for parents & carers: Exams and assessments in England in 2023
  30. Support Mental Health Awareness Week by registering for mental health and wellbeing training
  31. An opportunity to register for the Advanced Maths Support Programme
  32. Upcoming webinars on identifying and supporting children missing education
  33. Compare pupil attendance with other schools in your local authority
  34. An opportunity to attend the ‘tackling online harms, a whole system approach’ virtual conference on 23 and 24 May 2023
  35. Updated emergency planning guidance

Director update

Dear colleagues

We get ever closer to half-term, and another packed Education Noticeboard for you.

The Best Start for Life one-stop booklet is being launched on 22 May 2023, and we would love to see good representation from the community. This is just one event from the Family Hubs programme, and I am excited to see what the team do next.

We are currently in Foster Care fortnight and taking the opportunity to promote the fantastic foster care community, and the encourage others to join it. Do read the article and visit the Telford fostering website to look at the events on offer.

There are a couple of Webinars focusing on Ofsted available. One of these is specific to Telford & Wrekin schools and academies. Taking place on 19 June 2023, places are free of charge, please take advantage of this offer.

Other articles include health and wellbeing information, key pieces of safeguarding information, SEND updates and CPD. There are also a number of updates from the Department for Education as well as the usual CPD listings.

Here’s hoping that you all manage to enjoy some sunshine this coming weekend.

Best wishes


Simon Wellman
Director: Education & Skills

Best Start for Life Launch

Do you have a little one aged 0-2 years or a baby on the way, or know someone who has?

Telford & Wrekin Council would like to invite you to the launch of the Best Start for Life one-stop booklet.

Join the council’s Public Health team and Early Years support groups and other providers at the Telford Town Park Visitor Centre on Monday 22 May 2023. Drop in anytime between 10am and 1.30pm to discover all the help and assistance available in Telford and Wrekin during your baby’s first two years of life.

You will also have the chance to participate in a number of giveaways, such as baby sensory classes, sensory baskets and free bags, as well as enjoy light refreshments.

You will receive a free copy of the Best Start for Life booklet, filled with valuable information and advice about your baby’s first two years.

For more information, please download the flyer:

Download: Best Start in Life flyer

The event is part of the council’s Family Hubs programme, which will be delivered in the borough over the next two years to support parents and carers with infant feeding, emotional wellbeing, healthy lifestyles and offer many other services. 

Give a local child a brighter future by fostering with your council

Telford Fostering invites you to celebrate Foster Care Fortnight from the 15-26 May, and to join our amazing foster care community. Let’s come together to celebrate the incredible contribution of our borough foster carers and inspire more people to consider fostering a local child.

Councillor Shirley Reynolds (Lab), Cabinet Member for Early Years, Children and Young People says: “We are incredibly thankful for everything our foster carers do to provide local children with secure, loving homes where they can thrive and reach their full potential. We want to celebrate the long-lasting positive impact that foster carers make on our community.

“During the next two weeks, Telford Fostering has lined up some fantastic events and activities for our foster carers to enjoy, including pamper days, guest speaker training events, walking trails, mental wellness sessions and fun activities for their children and young people.

“Foster carers have the power to transform the lives of the borough’s children in care. There’s truly nothing more rewarding than giving a local child a happy childhood and a brighter future within their local community. 

“Our Telford Fostering team welcomes people from all walks of life to foster, regardless of age, gender, relationship, status or sexual orientation. Even if you can only foster for a few days a month, we encourage you to get in touch with our team, as part-time fostering opportunities are also available in addition to full-time ones. 

“As a Telford and Wrekin foster carer, you’ll become part of a supportive and valued family and you will receive a range of benefits including competitive fees and allowances, training and development opportunities, in-house therapeutic support, permanent support services and many others. 

 “This Foster Care Fortnight is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about fostering with Telford Fostering. Drop by an information session to have a friendly chat with our team, join a virtual event or Facebook live sessions, walk the Wrekin with our foster carers and much more. Visit the Telford Fostering website to pick an event or session that works best for you.”

For the full story please visit the Newsroom.

Telford’s Big Walk Week: 29 May – 4 June 2023

A week of activities are planned in Telford & Wrekin Council’s new event taking place at the end of May inviting residents to get out and explore the beautiful green spaces on their doorstep whilst showcasing to visitors the many unknown woods, parks and nature reserves available here.

The Big Walk Week will feature Forest Schools, mindfulness sessions, craft workshops, storytelling walks, eco garden tour and much more and will run from 29 May to 4 June 2023, concluding with the ‘Big Walk’ on Sunday 4 June, from community locations around the borough to our biggest green space, the Telford Town Park. The event is being run in partnership with groups including The Telford 50 Trail, Wellington Ramblers Wellbeing Walks, Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Severn Gorge Countryside Trust and Travel Telford. All of these coincide with the Whitson half term week.

 Councillor Carolyn Healy (Lab) Telford & Wrekin Council’s cabinet member for leisure, climate action, green spaces and heritage said: “Discovering what’s available to everyone on your doorstep is an important element of the week and appreciating the natural landscapes that are free to access.  We are encouraging people to have the confidence to get out and explore with our guided walks, find new activities and to get moving as part of a healthy lifestyle. These walks offer a mix for all abilities with a fun or interesting element added to engage new audiences.

"Most areas of the borough are involved, with events taking place in Wellington, Newport, Telford Town Park, Lightmoor, Madeley, Woodside, Granville Road, Leegomery and many more. Many of the walks have free refreshments as part of the walk. There are Batty About Bats walks, storytelling trails, exploring local nature reserves, clay workshops, wellbeing walks and routes to discover local history you may have never spotted before!”

To book your spaces, including free spaces, and find out more about all the events going on throughout the week visit the website.

Kids for a £1 activities back for May half term

With the brighter, warmer weather hopefully on the way families wanting to make the most of the outdoors can hire a bike and helmet for just £1 from Telford Bike Hub in Telford Town Park. Adventure golf and disc golf are all back open for the season too. 

Councillor Shaun Davies (Lab) Leader of Telford & Wrekin Council said: “We are in a cost of living crisis where our residents are struggling with the basics like paying for gas, electricity and their weekly food shopping without having to fund expensive school holiday activities. That’s why we will continue to offer our one-pound holiday sessions both this half term and with a bumper edition on the way for the six weeks holiday. Back in February over 1,000 residents took part so we know they are making a huge difference too.” 

Councillor Carolyn Healy (Lab) Cabinet member for climate action, green spaces, heritage and leisure commented: “We are delighted to offer families yet another action-packed timetable of activities for this upcoming half term. Our ‘Kids For a Quid’ holiday programme has become a staple in many families diaries with indoor and outdoor activities happening 7 days a week. Family days out can be expensive but our one-pound sessions allow residents to stay local, stick to a budget and keep the young ones busy and active when they are off school.”

Many of these activities are also part of the council’s 10 by 10 programme which offers all children ten activities they should try before they are ten years old. 

Residents will need a Telford Loyalty Card to book sessions. Activities can be booked 7 days in advance (with the exception of swimming) to help ensure you get your guaranteed slots. 

The latest brochure can now be found online.

‘Ofsted – what to expect when you’re inspected’ – an online Teams event for Telford & Wrekin schools and academies

The Education Inspection Framework and the School Inspection Handbook set out the statutory basis for school inspections carried out under the Education Act 2005.

This online session is a chance for school leaders and governors to hear from our Senior Regional HMI, Sue Morris-King, about the inspection process and its implications for school leaders and governors, as well as to dispel some of the common misconceptions about inspection which can lead to unnecessary workload in schools.

This session will take place via Microsoft Teams from 4pm to 5.30pm, Monday 19 June 2023 and free places per school are unlimited.

To book your place/s, please send an email to - stating your name, designation, school name and email address (a CPD booking form is not required for this event).

Governance and inspection: Education inspection framework webinar

On the Ofsted YouTube channel a webinar is available, which goes through inspection and governance in maintained schools and academies:

Inspection and governance - YouTube

Emerade injection recall

The UK MHRA has announced that Emerade 150 micrograms solution for injection is being recalled due to an error in one component of the auto-injector.

The UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has announced a Class 2 medicines recall for Emerade 150 micrograms (mcg) solution for injection in a pre-filled syringe, PL 33616/0013. 

The company which produces the syringe, Pharmaswiss Česka republika (an affiliate of Bausch & Lomb UK Limited), is recalling all unexpired batches of the auto-injectors (also referred to as pens) from patients due to an error in one component of the auto-injector believed to cause some pens to fail to activate and deliver adrenaline.

Results from manufacturer testing of Emerade auto-injectors recalled from patients in Europe indicate that approximately 13 percent of pens need higher than normal force to activate, implying a higher risk of activation failure than was previously understood. This applies to all strengths of Emerade, says the MHRA. 

For Emerade 150mcg auto-injectors, the MHRA, in conjunction with the Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) has established that there are sufficient supplies of alternative auto-injectors to allow for a recall to patient level.

GPs have been asked to send an approved letter to the appropriate patients and carers who have been prescribed Emerade 150mcg auto-injectors.

Healthcare professionals who prescribe, supply or administer adrenaline auto-injectors, or who advise patients and their carers, should ensure that they:

  • identify patients who have been supplied with Emerade 150mcg auto-injectors and ensure they are reviewed to determine whether their adrenaline auto-injector prescription is still appropriate and in line with existing guidance.
  • immediately inform patients and carers to request a new prescription to replace each auto-injector with one new adrenaline pen in an alternative brand. Healthcare professionals should be aware that the licensed dosing recommendations for each brand of pen are not identical. 
  • inform patients to return the syringes to the pharmacy, only when they have two alternative adrenaline auto-injectors in their possession.

More information about the recall can be found online

Increase in cases of measles

This is an update from the Health Protection Hub

There has been an increase in cases of measles nationally, so school and nursery staff are encouraged to be aware of symptoms and what to do if you get a case, or cases, within your setting. It can lead to serious complications and is highly infectious.  It will spread rapidly within educational settings among those without immunity from vaccination or previous infection.

What to look for

  • Information, including photos, can be found on the NHS website.
  • Symptoms include a runny nose; cough; conjunctivitis (sore, itchy, watery, red and sticky eyes); high fever and small white spots (Koplik spots) inside the cheeks. Around day 3 of the illness, a rash of flat red or brown blotches appear, beginning on the face, behind the ears and spreading over the body.
  • If a child presents with these symptoms exclude them from school/nursery and advise the parents/carers to follow the advice on the NHS website. 
  • Note that symptoms may present differently dependent on the skin tone.

What you need to do

  • Exclude the infected individual from setting until 4 days after the onset of the rash (where the date of the rash onset is day 0).
  • Encourage all children and young people over the age of one year old to have the combined MMR vaccination as per the national immunisation schedule.
  • You should let us know by emailing or calling 01952 381800. 
  • Any staff who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated with the MMR vaccination should be encouraged to seek advice from their general practitioner or practice nurse.
  • Advise individuals with a weak immune system, pregnant staff and children under 12 months who come into contact with measles to seek prompt medical advice. When contacting the GP or midwife they should inform them that there has been exposure to a case of measles.


Anyone who is unsure if their child is up to date with all their routine vaccinations should check their child’s Red Book (personal child health record) in the first instance. If they are still not sure, or if they need to bring their child up to date with their vaccines, they should contact their GP practice to check and book an appointment.

School Travel Assistance – please apply before 30 June 2023!

Telford & Wrekin Council looks to parents and carers to make arrangements for their (child)ren and young people to travel safely to their allocated school and/or post 16 provider, where possible.

If you are unable to transport your child or young person and if you meet the eligibility criteria listed on the council’s website, the council can provide travel assistance.

If you are applying for your travel assistance from September 2023, all applications must be received by the council by 30 June 2023. Applications received after this date cannot guarantee that travel training or travel assistance will be in place for the start of the new term.

When will travel arrangements be in place?
The council will aim to put travel arrangements in place as soon as possible, however, they can only start this process after 30 June 2023, once all applications are received. Please submit your application as soon as possible.

Do I need to re-apply?
You will only need to re-apply in the following circumstances:

How to apply:
You can submit your application on the council's new website and transport platform which has been developed based on feedback received from parents and carers over the last year.

In order to submit an application, you will be required to create a new account online. If you already have an email address registered with the council, please use this email when creating an account, this will help the council to link your existing travel assistance arrangements with your new account. 

Once you have created an account and submitted your application, you will receive regular notifications on your application progress, you can log on at any point to see the progress. If you need support in creating a new account, please call 01952 384545 (Monday to Friday, 7.15am-5pm).

Free education sessions from the St Giles Trust

We announced in April 2022 that Telford & Wrekin Council would be working with St Giles Trust for 12 months to deliver a programme of education sessions to children and young people across the borough. These sessions will help to equip children and young people with the knowledge, tools, and awareness to stay safe and make positive choices.

St Giles Trust will work with all primary schools, junior schools, secondary schools, post 16 settings and pupil referral units to deliver free universal sessions in your setting.

A facilitator with lived experience will deliver these sessions to help to educate pupils on a range of topics, including county lines, knife crime, gangs, glamorisation and joint enterprise, and the realities of prison.

To book your universal sessions please email:

On booking, St Giles Trust will provide you with information directly on session details, pre and post evaluation and confirmation of staff suitability. 

With your agreement and where needed, St Giles Trust facilitators will identify further targeted sessions that may benefit groups or individual pupils in your setting. These sessions will be allocated on a case-by-case basis. 

We encourage you and all other settings in our borough to engage fully with this project, as part of our ongoing-shared commitment to keeping our children and young people in Telford as safe as possible.

Queries can be directed to Scott Thomas-White, Education Safeguarding Coordinator, via email to

Free online learning session to raise awareness around domestic abuse

A free learning session is being hosted online by Telford and Wrekin Safeguarding Partnership (TWSP) to raise awareness around Domestic Abuse. The session will be jointly delivered by West Mercia Police, the ICB and Cranstoun (the new domestic abuse service for Telford & Wrekin).

The following topics will be covered:

  • The role of the DARO.
  • MARAC process.
  • Information on Clare’s Law (DVDS).
  • The role of a DHR’s.
  • In introduction to the new Domestic Abuse Service Provider for Telford and Wrekin.
  • Different forms of domestic abuse and warning flags to look out for.
  • Q and A session.

If you are interested in attending please send an email to and you will be forwarded the Teams link to join. A recording of the session along with any supporting information will be uploaded to the TWSP website after the event.

SOS+ Criminal Exploitation Training for education professionals

A SOS+ Criminal Exploitation Training course is being provided to schools in Telford & Wrekin free of charge, led by St Giles Education Trust in partnership with the Education Safeguarding Team. There is no limit to the number of delegates who can attend from each school.

There is one date still available
Tuesday 23 May 2023 – 4pm to 5.30pm

Each session will consist of a 60 minute presentation, followed by a 30-minute Q&A session. After the session delegates will be able to:

  • understand how county lines are set up
  • understand how young people are groomed, recruited and exploited; specifically exploring examples that involve educational settings
  • recognise key signs and indicators that children and young people are being exploited or at risk of county lines involvement by unpacking what this looks like within an educational setting
  • understand how school exclusions can increase the risk of students on the periphery
  • recognise how to mitigate risks practically when considering exclusions learning from successful examples
  • understand the perspective of an expert witness who is a survivor and/or perpetrator of a county lines operation, including how county lines operations use girls and young women
  • develop initial interventions and long-term strategies to prevent and reduce the risk of students of criminal exploitation, and gang and county lines involvement within educational settings.

Bookings can be made by sending a completed CPD booking form via email to:

DSL Termly Update – 7 June 2023 at 4pm

SG 106: DSL Termly Update – Wednesday 7 June at 4pm
This termly update is held online via Microsoft Teams and provides an update of information on current issues related to safeguarding in schools.

All designated safeguarding leads and their deputies must attend a minimum of one session per year to meet the requirements of (paragraph 65) ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’.

Delegates will have the opportunity to:

  • meet other designated safeguarding leads and governors with specific safeguarding responsibility
  • update their knowledge and skills
  • gain an awareness of safeguarding developments and any changes relevant to their role

To book your place please send a completed CPD booking form, quoting SG 106, via email to:

SEND Parent Carer and Family Newsletter – Spring 2023

The SEND Parent Carer and Family Newsletter – Spring 2023 has been published on the SEND Local Offer. Please can we request that it is shared with your families. The Newsletter provides an opportunity for families to discover all the current news and information about Special Educational Needs and Disability in Telford & Wrekin.

Download: SEND Parent Carers and Family Newsletter

Families can also sign up to receive the SEND Parent Carer and Family Newsletter direct to their Inbox, please share the link below to encourage sign up:

Subscribe to the SEND Parent Carer and Family Newsletter.

BeeU SEND Services in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin – Helpful Advice

BeeU have recently developed some helpful advice to consider before making a referral to BeeU for ASD and ADHD diagnostic services - please see the documents available to download:

Download: ADHD advice and support letter to referrers

Download: ASD advice and support letter to referrers

BeeU work with children and young people who have a GP in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin up until their 18th birthday, for those who may have ASD they accept referrals for children over 5 years old. For children under 5, ASD diagnostic assessments are completed by Shropshire Community NHS Health Trust.

BeeU have confirmed that referrals can be made by a range of professionals who know a CYP and emphasize the importance of considering how the child or young person is functioning in a range of environments.

The BeeU referral form can be found online in the 'referring for assessment' section of the CAMHS website. If you wish to discuss a referral the service can be contacted directly

Referring for an Assessment

Young people are referred into the service by a professional who knows what BeeU offers, and knows the young person.

Referrals are accepted from:

  • GPs
  • Social Workers
  • Health Visitors
  • School Professionals
  • Paediatricians / Hospital Doctors
  • Paediatric Occupational Therapists
  • School Nurses
  • Voluntary services

Unfortunately, they don’t accept self-referrals directly from young people or families.

Referrals can be made by using the referral form below and can be sent by post, and/or emailed to (routine) or via phone 0808 196 4501.

Download: Referral form 

BeeU provides neurodevelopmental assessments for Children (aged 5-18) in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin. 0-5s should be referred to the Child Development Centre.

BeeU services will accept referrals relating to children and young people up until their 18th birthday. Any new referrals made to BeeU for young people who are 18+ will be sent to Adult Access Team.

BeeU also offer a wide range of emotional wellbeing and mental health support services to children and young people, outside of our Neurodevelopmental pathways.

More information can be found on their website.

Free online Cool Kids information session

A free online movement programme session is being offered by Cool Kids.

Session aims:

  • To provide basic understanding of sensory motor development and why it is important to children in school.
  • Understanding developmental stages of lying on the back, tummy, rolling, creeping and crawling.
  • Understanding the underlying principles of the Cool Kids Programme.
  • Identify pupils who would benefit.
  • Deliver the programme effectively.
  • Incorporate strategies successfully in the classroom.

The next available session to book onto is Monday 12 June 2023, 1 – 3pm. The session will be completed online via Microsoft Teams, and a link will be sent via email once a place has been confirmed. 

To book a place:

  • Cool Kids are able to offer up to two places for this session to your school.
  • It is recommend that a Class Teacher/SENCo attends this session, if they have not already done so.
  • Additionally, the session will be valuable to any member of staff who will be potentially delivering the group in your school.

 Please contact Occupational Therapy by telephone (01743 450800 - Option 2) to book your place on this training and provide an email address that joining links can be sent to.

Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Do you want to earn money whilst having fun this summer?

We are looking to recruit staff to support in the co-ordination of a Summer Play Scheme for Children and Young People with Additional and Complex Needs.

The Stay & Play scheme is based at The Willow Tree Centre for 5 weeks of the summer holiday, including 1 week for training:

Monday to Friday:
24th July – 28th July 2023
31st July – 25th August 2023

The working hours are outlined on the job descriptions. This is an exciting opportunity for you to join a team who are passionate about providing excellence in care and support for young people, and you will be a key part of the team.

The following vacancies are available and you can read the job description, person specification and apply on WM Jobs:

Job information: Play Leader

Job information: Play Assistant

Job information: Group Leader

All of the ahe above information is available by downloading the flyer. For further information, please email

PODS Open Day – Saturday 24 June 2023

Please take a look at the invitation to PODS Open Day and share the information and downloadable poster with your families for PODS (Parents Opening Doors).

Come along and meet the PODS Team at their open day, see their new hub, find out how they can provide support and meet other service providers.

Download: PODS Open Day Poster

The event will take place at the PODS Hub, 1 Hawksworth Road, Central Park, TF2 9TU

For more information please email

PODS - Preparing for Adulthood Navigator Service

PODS (Parents Opening Doors) Parent Carer Forum offer a Preparing for Adulthood Navigator Service for SEND Families for SEND families with young people aged 14-25.

What is Preparing for Adulthood (PFA)?
It is helping a young person get ready for adult life, to become independent and to know where to get help if they need it.

What does a PFA Navigator support with?

  • Navigating local service provision and activities.
  • Employment, Learning and Higher Education.
  • Good Health.
  • Friendships, Relationships and Community Inclusion.
  • Independent Living/Housing Options.
  • Life Skills.

The Journey:
Planning early gives the young person time to make good choices Working with families and young people from the age of 14 to encourage them to share their thoughts and plans for their future with their family and other adults supporting them

How to make a referral:
Referrals can be made by families or by Professionals, please contact 07305 014358 to find out more.

Download: PODS Preparing for Adult Navigator Poster

New Early Years entitlements

The offer has been expanded to 30 hours of free childcare per week for eligible working parents with children aged nine months to three years.

This means working parents will be able to claim free childcare all the way through, from nine months up to their child starting school.

The offer will apply to 38 weeks per year. Some providers may apply charges in addition to the free childcare provision.

Visit for further information

Timetable of events for the new Early Years entitlements:

September 2023
  • Increase in 23/24 funding rates..
  • Change in staff-to-child ratios for 2-year-olds, moving from 1:4 to 1:5.
  • Launch of start-up grants for new childminders.
April 2024
  • 15hrs childcare for working parents of 2-year-olds.
September 2024
  • New or expanded wraparound provision commences nationally.
  • 15hrs childcare for working parents of 9 months to primary school age.
September 2025
  • 30hrs childcare for working parents of 9 months to primary school age.
September 2026
  • All schools able to offer 8am-6pm wraparound.

More information is available on the GOV.UK website:

How we are growing out 30 hours free childcare offer

Everything you need to know about childcare support

Queries can be directed to Stacy Picken, Early Years & Childcare Funding, Sufficiency and Business Consultant, via email to

Early Years and childcare in Telford Town Centre

Visit the Telford & Wrekin Early Years & Childcare team in Telford town centre! They will be situated opposite the Card Factory on Wednesday 31 May 2023, 8.30am–6pm.

This is a chance to find out more about:

• Careers in childcare and local vacancies (including working in childminding and nursery settings).
• Childcare funding which is available for parents.
• Accessing childcare for your child

The team will be on hand to give you advice and guidance on the day, and look forward to meeting you.

NEET News: May 2023 update

The May 2023 NEET News is now available, giving the latest updates about supporting our young people who are not in education, employment or training:

NEET News: May 2023

An opportunity to place your CPD course bookings

The CPD Booklet continues to be available on the Telford Education Services site to the end of the academic year 2023.

Courses for the second half of the summer term will be specifically included in next week’s noticeboard.

Course bookings with a course code are made by sending a completed CPD booking form via email to

Other courses and briefings without a course code are usually booked by sending your email address name and school name to (unless stated otherwise).

SOS+ Criminal Exploitation Training for Education Professionals (SG 207) – see separate article in Safeguarding section

Tuesday 23 May 23

4pm to 5.30pm

Designated Safeguarding Leads Refresher
(SG 107)

Wednesday 24 May

9.15am to 4pm

Teaching Musically With Charanga - see separate article

Wednesday 24 May

4.15pm to 5.45pm

Early Career Teacher Network
(CPD 720)

Thursday 25 May

4pm to 5pm (with optional informal ‘drop in’ from 3.30pm to 4pm and 5pm to 5.30pm)

Governors' Responsibilities for Exclusions
(SG 104)

Thursday 25 May

5pm to 7pm

Primary Science Conference: 23 June 2023

Please download the flyer detailing the Primary Science ConferenceTelford, which is taking place Friday 23 June 2023 at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Telford.

This conference is being organised by the Science Learning Partnership (North Midlands and Black Country), with former Telford & Wrekin Council Primary Science Teaching & Learning Specialist, Ant Snowden, as the conference lead.

STEM learning have made available a limited number of attendance bursaries, which are available on a first come first served basis. The bursary provides a 70% discount, bringing the price for a whole day of excellent CPD to £30!

To ensure you benefit from this substantial offer, please book a place as soon as possiblePrior to booking you will need to email and request the discount code, which can then be included in your online booking.

Queries can be sent via email to

Schools Pre-Inspection Data and Insight Team’s communication

For the last few years the Schools’ Pre-Inspection Data and Insight Team (IDSR) have sent emails to notify local authorities and schools when they release an updated Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR).

Last year IDSR introduced a dedicated IDSR news and updates GOV.UK page. Now that this is in place, IDSR have notified us that they will stop sending their ‘release’ emails. In order that you don’t miss an update, you can sign up for email alerts

If you have any questions, please email the team at:

This, and all future updates to the IDSR will also be announced on the IDSR News page.

Teaching Musically with Charanga

The music course, Teaching Musically with Charanga, is taking place Wednesday 24 May 2023 from 4.15pm to 5.45pm and is suitable for any primary school staff currently delivering music using Charanga as all, or part of, their resources.

During the session teachers will explore and work through the many resources within the Charanga platform, while looking at the key musical learning. 

We will explore ways to develop students’ musical understanding and performance skills, while discussing ideas for mapping progression.

All delegates will need to bring an instrument with them, ideally either a glockenspiel or a recorder, even if they can’t play the instrument. 

The cost of attending this event is £75 per person, with a 10% discount for multiple bookings from the same school.

Bookings can be made by sending a completed CPD booking form via email to:

Level 5 Certificate in Primary School Physical Education Specialism

Places are available on a bespoke primary school physical education qualification for primary school staff – but expressions of interest needed immediately after half term, if not before.

What is the Level 5 qualification?

A bespoke primary school physical education qualification for primary ‘school staff’ (PE Coordinators, teachers and/ or teaching assistants with a sporting bias) developed by the Association for Physical Education (AfPE) and Sports Leaders UK.

Please note: Due to the pitch of the course (Level 5; equivalent to foundation degree) and the nature of the content, this course is predominantly targeting current practitioners, preferably with QTS status.


Much has been stated about the importance of the current physical education and school sport premium funding and the ability of schools to, not only evidence actions, but also show impact. This qualification is an ideal vehicle for demonstrating an investment in the improvement of teaching in physical education as well as upskilling current staff.


The qualification enables delegates to understand the requirements of the primary school physical education curriculum. They will acquire the knowledge and skills that underpin 'good or better' teaching and learning within primary school physical education. Candidates will also review and evaluate the PE, physical activity and sport programme at their host school, identifying potential ways to improve policy and practice.

Tutors/ Assessors

The tutor, Chris Jew, is an experienced physical education specialist, known and regarded across the county. His background is in the leading of Physical Education, being the leader of a School Sport Partnership and a current School Games Organiser for East Shropshire. This will be his ninth year of delivery of this course.


The average learning time for this qualification is 141 hours. This is broken down as follows:

  • 6 days attendance at a Shropshire based delivery centre (42 Guided Learning Hours). This is provisionally equally mapped across the three terms during the academic year 2023/24. The initial session is planned for October.
  • In-school development work (99 nominal hours). This will involve a series of assessment tasks to be completed by the delegate via a portfolio of evidence. There will be at least one external assessment of teaching a ‘good or better’ physical education lesson.


  • School: The release of staff for 6 days throughout the academic year. The ability for SLT to support and mentor, where appropriate, allowing opportunities/ time for the delegate to apply skills and knowledge within the school day.
  • Delegate: An understanding of the need to meet the nominal required guided learning hours, to complete all assessment tasks and to be proactive in further developing knowledge and skills at their home school.


The total delegate cost, including course fees to Sports Leaders UK (£200), is £1300 per delegate. This covers the delivery days, internal verification and the external assessment and remote support via the course tutors/ leaders.


All delegates will be internally verified by Trusted Sports’ Alliance staff and externally verified via the awarding body and on successful completion of this qualification delegates will be able to assist and develop the raising of standards within primary school physical education teaching.

Awareness Raising

At this initial stage my aim is to continue raising awareness and to gauge potential interest from local primary schools in Telford & Wrekin as we look to recruit for the seventh year of delivery. Feedback from current delegates is that the course is both demanding and challenging yet on completion allows for a step change in the delivery of high quality PE.

Application Timeline

  • By 26 May 2023: An expression of interest is currently being sought. To register or confirm interest please email Chris Jew, stating candidate’s name and home school.
  • September 2023: Candidates will then be asked to enrol on the course before the end of the first half-term in autumn so all is ready for the initial October delivery date.

For further information, please refer to the Sports Leaders’ UK website and/or contact Chris Jew, Head of Service for the Trusted Sports’ Alliance, via email to or by calling 07704 710536.

Factsheet for parents & carers: Exams and assessments in England in 2023

This is an update from the Department for Education

A factsheet has been released for the parents and carers of students about to sit exams and assessments in summer 2023. It covers arrangements for exams and assessments, the grading approach Ofqual will take, and some of the resources available to support students and parents.

The factsheet, which is available to download, gives information about higher education applications and admissions, and also identifies useful resources and advice to help with the next steps following results day.

Support Mental Health Awareness Week by registering for mental health and wellbeing training

This is an update from the Department for Education

Join thousands of schools and colleges that have benefited from a DfE grant to train a senior mental health lead.

The training develops your mental health lead’s knowledge and practical skills to embed an effective whole school or college approach to mental health and wellbeing, which can also support attendance, behaviour and learning.

It includes important topics like:

  • developing your universal and targeted support offer
  • identifying mental health and wellbeing needs and monitoring the impact of support
  • approaches to plan and lead change aligned to the work of your designated safeguarding lead (DSL) and special educational needs and/or disabilities coordinator (SENCO).

engaging students and pupils and developing positive relationships with parents, families and carers

Take five minutes to claim a £1,200 training grant.

Choose from over 100 courses (beginner, intermediate and advanced levels) tailored to the needs of your setting and use the funding for supply cover if needed.

An opportunity to register for the Advanced Maths Support Programme

This is an update from the Department for Education

The Prime Minister recently announced an ambition to see all young people study maths to age 18. The AMSP supports the teaching and learning of core maths, A level maths and further maths.

The programme offers a range of tailored support for level 3 maths to help introduce core maths and make it a successful part of your provision.

Please register on the AMSP website to access support.

Upcoming webinars on identifying and supporting children missing education

This is an update from the Department for Education

The government is committed to ensuring that all children, especially the most vulnerable, are safe and have access to education.

Children missing education (CME) are children of compulsory school age who are not registered at school and are not receiving suitable education. Local authorities and schools have vital responsibilities when it comes to working together to prevent, identify and support CME.

The Department for Education will be hosting two webinars (one for local authorities and one for schools) to share best practice on CME.

Local Authority webinar – Thursday 25 May at 1:30pm to 2:30pm

School webinar – Thursday 22 June at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

We will be joined by local authorities and multi-academy trusts who will share practical tips on identifying and supporting this cohort.

Please email with any questions.

Compare pupil attendance with other schools in your local authority

This is an update from the Department for Education

At the beginning of March, we introduced new functionality to allow mainstream schools that are sharing data to compare attendance with other schools, within their local authority.

This can be found in the ‘compare your attendance tab’ in view your education data.

The tool will help schools to identify strengths and priorities and signpost to additional guidance and support.

All schools can view local authority and national attendance data using the pupil attendance in England dashboard, updated every 2 weeks.

If you are not sharing data and don’t have access to these tools, please email If you already use Wonde, please accept our request in your Wonde portal.

Join our monthly webinar to hear more and find out how schools are sharing data.

An opportunity to attend the ‘tackling online harms, a whole system approach’ virtual conference on 23 and 24 May 2023

This is an update from the Department for Education

Registration is now open for this free national conference, which is bringing together experts from around the world to provide perspectives on education, policing, technology and rehabilitation.

Delegates will learn about work underway to address threats at every point, from building resilience in children and educating families, to the management and rehabilitation of offenders, and helping survivors recover from the trauma of their abuse.

Please visit the PIER23 website for further details and to register.

Updated emergency planning guidance

This is an update from the Department for Education

The Department for Education (DfE) have updated our guidance on how education and childcare settings should plan for and deal with emergencies, including significant public health incidents and severe weather.

The update includes additional information on emergency alerts, building local partnerships and recording attendance for remote education, as well as additional resources, templates, and checklists.


Every week during term time we publish a new update for the education community. It includes essential briefings and specialist information about education.

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