Notice: 26 November 2020

A round-up of news, guidance and key updates for education settings.

Included in this update:

Director Update

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to another edition of the Education Noticeboard.

This week information is included about the Winter COVID Grant Scheme which will offer financial support for families in need over the Christmas and half-term holidays. Another offer of support is the Vodafone Schools Connected scheme, whereby Vodafone are offering SIM cards and data for disadvantaged learners. Please do take a look to see if this will be of benefit to your community.

We include a HR update regarding contractual obligations in relation to working arrangements. Keeping everyone safe is a high priority at this time and this briefing covers working arrangements for teaching staff and support staff. Please contact your HR provider if you need any further advice and support.

Check out the two new support offers from the Outdoor Education Service that focus on maximising the benefits of outdoor learning and make sure you have visited the Telford 16-19 website which has been designed to support young people in their decision making about post 16 destinations.  It includes information from providers about 300 A-levels, BTECs and apprenticeships and showcases the fantastic opportunities for continued learning in Telford. Please do share and promote this resource with young people, where appropriate.

Finally, I would like to thank all the settings who have been sharing their inspirational good news stories on social media this week.  Please don’t forget to tag us so that we can feature your news on the noticeboard next week.

All the best to you all,


Simon Wellman
Director: Education and Skills

School Survey Remote Learning

Telford & Wrekin Council is trying to assess the preparedness of schools for a potential closure (local and national).

Please complete the survey either from your experience of students who have self-isolated or where you’ve had bubble closures or your plans should these events happen.

These questions should not take more than two or three minutes to complete and we would welcome your responses.
Please complete the school survey before Friday 4 December 2020 where possible.

Complete the School Survey

Sharing Your Good News Stories

Thank you to all the schools who have been busy sharing good news stories over the past week. We have loved celebrating with you all the fantastic work that you are doing, including the various and imaginative ways that education is being provided!

We would like to continue sharing these through our social media channels, so please remember to tag @TelfordWrekin into your posts so we can continue to share your good work.

Take a look at what the students at Apley Wood Primary have been up to this week @TelfordWrekin.

If you would like your school or setting to feature on the Education Noticeboard next week make sure to tag us in so we can share your story!

The High Sheriff of Shropshire’s Outstanding Young Citizen Awards 2021

Available to download, a letter from The High Sherriff of Shropshire highlighting how to nominate young people aged 18 years and under who live in Shropshire and have demonstrated commitment through various activities, either as an individual or as part of a group. Parents, guardians, group leaders and teachers will join nominees at on online virtual celebration, where the overall winners for the education authorities of both Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin will be revealed. Please download the letter to find out more including how to make a nomination.

Download: Letter High Sherriff of Shropshire Outstanding Young Citizen Awards 2021

Council Winter COVID Grant Scheme

The government has announced a significant package of extra targeted financial support for those in need over the winter period. This includes the £170 million COVID Winter Grant Scheme, which will be made available in early December 2020 and covers the period until the end of March 2021.

Telford and Wrekin Council have decided initially to use the fund to benefit our families most in need. Funding will be used to give vulnerable households peace of mind in the run up to Christmas and over the Winter months during the pandemic by helping those who need it to have food on the table and other essentials, so every child will be warm and well-fed this winter.

All the families across the borough registered for free school meals and for pre-school benefits, known as early years pupil premium, will receive (prior to their children’s school holiday) a winter voucher worth £15 per child per week (during the two weeks Christmas holiday), to use at a range of local supermarkets. 

Families will also be able to use the vouchers online at a number of shops, for example, if they need to self-isolate.

The Council is encouraging families who are not registered yet for free school meals or pre-school benefits but who might qualify now due to changes in circumstance, to apply by latest Monday, 7 December 2020 – to ensure they can receive their winter voucher for the school holidays. 

Schools and Early Years providers will have received a template to return to  identify eligible children. It would be very helpful if schools and early year’s providers could also help encourage eligible families to sign up so that we are sure as many families as possible can benefit from this support over the Christmas period.

Schools are asked to encourage parents to go to Telford and Wrekin’s Website: Free School Meals to check eligibility and apply for free school meals.

Early Years and Childcare providers are being asked to encourage parents of pre-school age children to go to Telford and Wrekin’s Website: Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) to check eligibility for child care funding and apply for extra support. 

We appreciate school and Early Years providers support with the distribution of this grant which will help support our most vulnerable children and families in the run up to Christmas.

If you have a further enquiry please contact us by email at:

Keeping Schools Connected SIM Cards

The Vodafone Schools Connected scheme is offering 250,000 SIM cards on a first come first served basis. Each school is able to apply once. The SIM cards are intended for disadvantaged learners, however, it is for the school to allocate, so you can go beyond the usual free school meal criteria. Any young person who receives a SIM will need a suitable device to use this, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Each SIM will have 30GB of data and will last for 90 days from the moment the SIM is activated. Beyond 90 days, the parents or young people have the option of buying more data. The SIM will be data only, so will not work with text messages or phone calls.

To find out more and to order your SIMs, go to Vodafone Mobile website.

Coronavirus home test kit webinars for schools and colleges

The Department of Health and Social Care is hosting a series of webinars to support schools and colleges in understanding how to use coronavirus home test kits in education settings. The webinars will provide guidance on who should receive the kits, what they will look like and how parents and carers should use them. 
Each webinar will last for 60 minutes and there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

The webinars are being run on the following dates:

  • 27 November at 1pm
  • 11 December at 3pm.

Full details on when the test kits should be provided, how to store them and the usual routes for accessing free coronavirus testing can be found in Department for Education’s guidance on coronavirus home testing kits.

Visit the Webinar Booking Page

Guidance: Coronavirus (COVID-19): test kits for schools and FE providers.

Coronavirus Getting a test and when to isolate with booking a test option

Coronavirus getting a test and when to isolate

We are now asking residents to get a Covid test for 'precautionary' symptoms including:

  • headaches
  • aches and pains
  • feeling very tired for no good reason
  • sore throat
  • runny nose
  • sneezing
  • tummy ache in children.

When booking make sure you answer the question 'Why are you asking for a test' with 'My local council or health protection team has asked me (or someone) I live with t get a test, even though I do not have symptoms'.

Download: Infographic Coronavirus getting a test and when to isolate.

Book a test online

By doing this we will be identify cases quicker and slow down the spread locally.

To be clear we are not demanding that everyone goes and gets a test every time they have any of the above symptoms. If you regularly have any of these symptoms for medical or lifestyle reasons then you likely know the cause and don’t need to get a test. However if you start to feel unwell for any of the reasons above unexpectedly we are asking you to get a test as a precautionary measure. Yes it might just be a cold or the flu but would it not be better to spend 10mins having a test to be sure you don’t have coronavirus and you don’t potentially spread it to someone else who could end up in hospital or die because of it.

A lot of children won’t show the common 3 symptoms at all and data shows that many people who test positive had one or some of the above symptoms before developing one or more of the 3 main symptoms or they never developed them at all. If they’d been diagnosed earlier their isolation would have started earlier and therefore potentially spreading the virus to less people.

You do not need to isolate if you have these symptoms, you can get a test quickly likely on the same day and results should be back within 24 - 48 hours.

School Christmas Card Procedures

For schools that would like to provide the opportunity for their pupils to give and receive Christmas cards from friends, there is a need for some controls to be in place.

  1. Decide on a time scale that cards can be brought into school. Ensure that this ends at least a week before the end of term.
  2. Each classroom to have a post box for cards to be placed in by the pupils.
  3. All cards must be unsealed.
  4. Once the time for cards being handed in is over, the box must be left for at least 72 hours.
  5. After 72 hours class teacher/TA to wear gloves and sort them out into piles for each pupil. Gloves should be removed and disposed of after touching cards. Hand hygiene procedure to be used before and after sorting the cards.
  6. Cards should be placed on the child’s desk prior to the start of day, or placed on a table where each individual child can go up one at a time to collect.
  7. These should be placed straight into their school bags and opened at home.

For further enquiries please contact us by email at: or

School Staff - Contractual Obligations in relation to working arrangements

You may have needed to make changes to working arrangements for employees to ensure your school is able to operate in line with the Covid-Safe guidelines, and not to mention the current significant staffing demands as a result of increased rates of infection, self-isolation and those staff from higher risk groups

Despite the fact that we are in unprecedented times you still need to ensure, that in making these changes, you are compliant with terms and conditions of employment and relevant legislation.

The requirements are set out below and we would advise that you check your staffing arrangements against these.

Consultation on changes to working arrangements

Should there be a need to make changes to employee’s working hours/patterns or break times then there is a legal requirement to consult with staff on these changes and where possible seek agreement.

In some cases this will be a contractual change and will require an amendment to their contract of employment (for example, changes to days of the week/weekly hours).

Working Arrangements:

Teaching Staff

School Teachers Pay and Conditions set out the following requirements for those in teaching roles:

Hours (excluding those in Leadership positions)

  • Full time teachers are contracted to work 1265 hours/195 per academic year (pro rata for part time), these hours should be “allocated reasonably throughout those [195] days”.
  • PPA time – all teachers are entitled to “reasonable periods of time for PPA as part of the 1265 hours. “PPA must be provided in units of no less than half an hour during the timetables teaching week and must amount to no less than 10% of the teacher’s timetabled teaching time. A teacher must not be required to carry out any other duties during their PPA time” (Paragraph 52.5).

Breaks – “A teacher who is required to be available for work for more than one school session on any school day must be allowed a break of reasonable length either between school sessions or between the hours of 12 noon - 2pm” (Paragraph 52.3). For those in leadership this should be as near to the middle of the day as possible.

Cover – Teachers should be required to provide cover, only rarely, and only in circumstances that are not foreseeable.

Support Staff

Hours – where support staff are undertaking additional hours over their standard contractual hours they are entitled to be paid for this time/take the time back at another time.
Where this is a regular ongoing change in hours/days they should be issued with an amendment to contract.

Breaks (all staff)

Under the Working Time Regulations any member of staff working 6 hours or more is entitled to a 20 minute break. Although there is no legal requirement around when this break is taken or for those staff who work less than 6 hours (excluding the requirements for teachers set out above), any ongoing arrangements that were in place previously could be classed as contractual (custom and practice). Therefore, consultation and agreement is likely to also be required.

For further advice and support please contact your HR provider or where we provide your HR services contact your named HR Advisor or the HR Helpdesk or 01952 383601.

Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities – Building Works

In order to support schools in understanding their responsibilities when it comes to planned building works and maintenance on school sites, the Local Authority (LA) is providing two guidance documents detailed below:

Definition of Responsibilities in relation to Building Works between the School and Local Authority

In order to clarify the roles and responsibilities of schools and the Local Authority (LA) in the planned maintenance of school buildings and land we have produced a guidance document which sets out the defined roles and responsibilities that exist between the LA and schools themselves, and specifies where these day to day maintenance responsibilities lie.

Guidance on Statutory Compliance and Landlord Consent for Undertaking Building Works

Although the majority of building works on school sites continues to be undertaken utilising the LA property teams, it is becoming more common for schools and governing boards to consider undertaking building and landscape adaptations themselves. Where this is the case, it is important that Duty Holders are aware of their responsibilities for statutory compliance and health and safety as it relates to any planned building works. The attached form and guidance notes are intended as a helpful tool for schools and governing boards, to ensure they are adhering to the statutory requirements of any building works, including the requirement to seek landlord approval from the LA before undertaking any works, and how to secure this approval.

Both of these documents can be accessed on the Telford and Wrekin Website: Council owned/occupied land and buildings.

Hopefully these documents will help Headteachers and Governors in understanding what the requirements are for undertaking buildings works on your site. The Local Authority continues to be able to assist schools with any planned building works, and where the Authority’s in-house property team (the biT Team) are appointed to carry out any works by schools, then they will continue to ensure that these statutory requirements are met on behalf of the school.

In the first instance, if you require any further clarification on these matters, please get in touch with the biT Team directly at

Early Help Assessment and Support Plan Training

Course Outline

The course is designed to support practitioners to produce high quality Early Help Assessments when working with children and families. Coverage will help introduce the redesigned EH assessment and how to effectively incorporate it when assessing strengths, needs and risks within the child and family setting.

Please Note: This training will be held on ZOOM therefore you must have access

The requirement to join the course is that you will have read all documents prior to attending as we will be using these documents throughout the session.

The session will be held on:

  • 17 December 2020
  • Between 9.30am and 1.30pm.

You will need to book on via Ollie Booking Page.

You will receive all reading documents when you book on through Ollie. You will also receive your ZOOM invite Direct from the Trainer - Ted Daszkiewicz (you may need to check your Junk email).


By the end of the training you will:

  • Be introduced to the Telford and Wrekin Thresholds Guidance Document 
  • Early Help Assessment and Support Plan Guidance.
  • Understand how the new EH assessment fits into integrated working.
  • Interpret informed consent as part of the assessment process
  • Understand the principles required for producing high quality EH assessments
  • Be able to interpret information gathered and produce high quality outcome driven action plans. Incorporating the difference between actions and outcomes
  • Understand the importance of recording/evidencing risk and vulnerability in children and families.
  • Know how to effectively review Early Help assessments within the context of a Team around a Family.

Target Staff

Members of the children and families workforce who work in the Telford and Wrekin Safeguarding Children Board area, who work predominately with children and young people and/or their parents/carers who could potentially be involved in the assessing, planning, intervening and taking part in multi-agency processes where there are Early Help  concerns.


Ted Daszkiewicz


All TWSCB courses are booked through Ollie, an electronic Learning Management System.

Please book your place via Ollie Booking Page.

If you do not have an Ollie account, please follow the instructions below.

To apply for a place on Telford and Wrekin Safeguarding Children Board training you require access to Ollie. If you are not a member of staff with Telford & Wrekin Council nor have an existing Ollie account you should complete an account request form. 

Once your account is set up, login details will be sent to your email address by the Ollie team. This is not an automated process but we aim to respond to requests within five days.

Your account will last for 12 months from activation.  After this time, if you require further access you will have to request your account to be reactivated.

You should check your browser settings to allow pop-ups from the site to ensure the courses load correctly.

Account request forms can be found on the TWSCB website or by requesting a form from

Ollie Website

A full user guide is available at the login page.  If you have any queries please email the Ollie team at

Wellbeing for Education Return Supervision groups

The supervision is available to staff within any provision who is deemed to have responsibility for overseeing positive wellbeing and mental health. This may be Mental Health Leads, attendees at the recent Wellbeing for Education Return webinars or such staff deemed suitable by a Headteacher to attend supervision.

Supervision group dates:

  • 8 December 2020
  • 2 February 2021
  • 16 March 2021.


  • 1.30pm to 4.30pm.

Via Microsoft Teams.

We would encourage delegates to attend all the sessions. 

These sessions are for staff with responsibility for overseeing Mental Health and Wellbeing across a provision.

The supervision groups will be delivered by fully qualified educational psychologists, supported by the Behaviour Support Advisory Team and the Mental Health Support Team.


There is an expectation within the caring professions that practitioners receive supervision from relevant qualified and experienced practitioners. In the context of Mental Health within settings, supervision involves understanding the psychological development of children and young people considering the meaning behind children’s behaviours and applying psychological principles to the process of supporting change

It is essential for Mental Health Leads to receive regular on-going support that develops their knowledge and understanding in these areas

If support is delivered well, it provides opportunity for reflective practice, supportive challenge and personal support

Research suggests that effective supervision has a wide-ranging impact on the supervisee, resulting in increased feelings of support, self-efficacy and self-awareness, as well as enhanced skills and knowledge.

To book your place, please contact us by email at:

FAO: Kaileb Vint, specifying your name, school and cluster.

Free until Easter 2021

Would you like to join the Inclusive School Forum (ISF) Panel?

We are looking to recruit new panel members for the Inclusive School Forum. The panel meets once a month on a Tuesday morning (currently virtually). The purpose of the panel is to provide an opportunity for peer to peer support, challenge, advice, outreach and access to high needs funding, without an Education, Health and Care Plan. This is a school led panel providing the opportunity to share and develop best practice and to be included in developing an inclusive education system within Telford and Wrekin so that children with increasingly complex needs can achieve and succeed within mainstream schools.

If you would like more information about the ISF or to register your interest in joining the panel please contact us by email at:

Annual Review Workshop – Presentation, FAQ’s and Top Tips

Thank you to everyone who attended the Annual Review workshop on Monday 9 November 2020, it was lovely to see you all ‘virtually’!

Following the session we would like to share the presentation slides and they are now available to download.

Download: Annual Review Workshop Presentation Slides.

The LA has decided to roll out ‘Live’ reviews to all schools / settings and there is an expectation that ‘Live’ reviews will become the norm in all settings from after October half term 2020 (other than for exceptional circumstances when the non-live review templates can still be used until the end of the Autumn term 2020).

All the Annual Review paperwork and the guidance has now been updated and is available to download from the SEND Local Offer.

Q. Can Section A be changed? 
A. Yes. You can amend Section A and add in new parent and pupil views. Use the italics to add new ones and strike through the unwanted ones. If the views are not in text format then just cross through them to show they need to be deleted. 

Q. Can you change the Introduction? 
A. Yes. The LA have some standard wording now that goes into the introduction and generally replaces everything that was previously there. However, if there is information in the introduction that you want to keep, that can be done. If there is some information you want to amend, then that can also be done. 

Q. LA provide the EHCP in PDF format which is hard to change. Can we have a Word version? 
A. Yes, if you contact the SEND Team in advance of the Annual Review we will send you a word version of the plan to use for the review. Please give us enough notice to send them to you. 

Top Tips:

  • Some settings felt that the review works best when there are two staff involved, one to lead the meeting and one to actually make the suggested amendments on the plan for everyone to see.
  • Some settings felt that one person was able to lead the meeting and record the changes but suggested that this worked best when the EHCP is on display on a large screen for all to see, or the school has already pre-populated the EHCP with the suggested amendments ready for the meeting. Time is then spent looking at and tweaking the amendments and adding in anything new that is raised at the meeting.
  • Send a pre-populated/amended EHCP, using the strike through and italics code, to the parents in advance of the meeting so they can already see what is being suggested. This saves time at the actual review.
  • Keep a focus on the wording of the EHCP and don’t go off at tangents and get into long discussions / examples. Stick to agreeing if information is accurate or requires a change

Over the next few weeks we will be adding to the FAQ’s and developing the Top Tips to share with you, these will be uploaded to the SEND Local Offer.

Did you know that Parent/Carers and young people can complete an online feedback form about their Annual Review?

We would like to encourage you to share this link with parent/carers and young people so that we can collect feedback from the Annual Review they have attended, this will help us to improve our services.

Online Annual Review Feedback Form

If you would like to ask a question about ‘Live’ Annual Reviews or to contribute to the Top Tips, please contact us at:

SEND Local Offer Annual Report 2020

Available now to download is the SEND Local Offer Annual Report 2020.

In the report we hope to give you a snapshot of what we have achieved during the year for the Local Offer and our plans for the future

Download: SEND Local Offer Annual Report 2020

If you have any feedback about the SEND Local Offer please contact us at:

Flash Academy support for BAME Pupils

Telford and Wrekin Interfaith Council have successfully obtained a grant from National Lottery funding to provide support for Vulnerable pupils and, in particular, those from BAME backgrounds. The Interfaith Council are working with the Multicultural Development Team (MDT), Attendance Support Team (AST) and the Educational Psychology service to fund FREE support for schools who have pupils NOT attending school due to Covid-19 fears or have shielding/ BAME attendance issues. 

Charlton are one of the first schools to take full advantage of the project. Their pupils have a FREE year-long login to Flash academy to support their learning of academic language alongside their learning in class. The loan of IPads for the year from the Telford and Wrekin Interfaith Council will give the pupils the opportunity to learn at home and complete tasks set by the teacher, especially if there is a bubble closure or the need to work from home.

Councillor Raj Metha presented the pupils with their IPads and MDT gave the pupils support to access the online learning platform with a demonstration lesson. MDT are also supporting the school to use Flash academy with both their New Arrivals and established Advanced Bilingual Learners.

In these uncertain times, this pupils will have the benefit of uninterrupted school support using Flash Academy’s online learning platform to not only enhance their learning of English and academic vocabulary but also to ensure that their learning across all subjects in the curriculum is consistent and provides the challenge they deserve.

The Educational Psychology service is also at hand if any of the pupils need support to deal with Covid-19 anxiety or if the schools desires to access the free training as part of the grant support.

Schools can refer pupils directly to MDT if they have not been contacted directly as part of this project to support specific pupils or families.

If you would like to more information on Flash academy or the Covid-19 grant please contact the MDT team by email:

To book a place on our MDT training courses or EAL Coordinator network meetings please complete the CPD Booking Form.

16 - 19 Telford and Wrekin post 16 Prospectus

The Telford 16 - 19 prospectus has information on the local offer including almost 300 A - levels, BTECs and Apprenticeships across six schools and colleges making Telford an inspirational hub for learning, opportunity and achievement.

Telford 16 - 19 Website

Please utilise with students to help them make informed decisions on their post 16 destinations and link to the prospectus from your websites.

For more information please contact us by email: or, by phone: 01952 388988.

The Importance of Outdoor Learning during the Pandemic…and beyond

Loading...Learning outdoors has many educational and health benefits in normal times.

In addition, during the pandemic:

  • The risk of infection is reduced outdoors;
  • ‘Social distancing’ is often easier to maintain outside;
  • Being outdoors in natural settings has a positive impact on mental health and well-being.

Research commissioned by Natural England has found that coronavirus has had a negative impact on children’s mental health and wellbeing, and demonstrates the positive role of nature in supporting children’s well-being.

The People and Nature Survey

Establishments are recommended to consider how they can maximise the amount of time that children and young people spend outdoors. Below are two new offers of support;

Professional development bespoke to your school site

A new free online outdoor learning module

1. Telford and Wrekin and Shropshire Outdoor Learning Scheme

Learning Outside the Classroom Practitioner Certificate

This course is for anyone interested in curriculum delivery through the outdoors and making the most of a free resource – the outside bits of your school, and that means ANY outside bits. Stepping into fresh air for even mini-moments will have positive benefits for teaching and learning.

This course is delivered by Alan Braybrooke of Arthog Outreach and the Senior Lead in Education for Outdoor Education with the Severn Teaching School Alliance.

This is planned as your day, and can be tailored to make the very best use of time available, and is adapted to be relevant to a Key Stage and school objectives as required.

Core elements include curriculum delivery, team building, journeying (have you ever walked along your site perimeter?), practical Risk –Benefit Analysis, and ways of managing young people outdoors.

The course fee is based on £280 per day for up to 20 participants, and includes certification. Half days/twilights by arrangement.  No prior experience is needed, just a willingness to step outside.

If you would like more there is also Forest Skills course which includes fire circles and tool use, and the Forest School National Award and revalidation days, all within the new joint Telford and Wrekin and Shropshire Councils’ scheme.

2. Supporting Learning Outdoors Module

Online and free from Scottish Advisory Panel for Outdoor Education

The Scottish Advisory Panel for Outdoor Education is pleased to announce the launch of the Supporting Learning Outdoors professional e-learning course.  This course and associated guidance, developed by education officers and SAPOE representatives from five local authorities, benefited from Scottish Government funding aimed at supporting outdoor learning. This has allowed this course to be made available, free of charge, to practitioners across Scotland. This recognises the value that outdoor specialists can offer in partnership work with schools. SAPOE is keen to highlight the positive outcomes and impact collaborative practice can have on learners and their communities.

The Supporting Learning Outdoors (SLO) course will assist non-teaching staff: instructors, classroom assistants and third sector organisations, who want to work in partnership with schools to deliver meaningful curriculum based outdoor learning.  The course will help participants to gain an understanding of the Curriculum for Excellence and the framework for delivering this to pupils – much of which is relevant and transferrable to England, furthermore, understand key messages on embedding and enhancing taught curriculum content into the real world context.

The module can be accessed here: Supporting Learning Outdoors.

Any queries please get in touch and look out for the EVC Network where we share ideas on quality as well as safety.

For further enquires please contact Jo Barnett Outdoor Education Service Manager at: or by phone: 01952 382057.

CPD courses to the end of the Autumn Term 2020

Unless stated otherwise, all of our CPD courses are currently being provided online via Microsoft Teams. The delegate fees for these courses will be reduced to take account of the savings made by not using external venues when we prepare the end of term CPD charges.

Further details of all of our courses can be found in the CPD Booklet, available on the Telford Education Services website.

Bookings can continue to be made in the normal way by completing a CPD booking form and sending it via email to

Table of CPD Courses to the end of autumn term.

Early Years and Childcare Partnership Hub Meeting (EY 305)

Tuesday 1 December 2020 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Observing Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EY 011)

Thursday 3 December 2020 1.15pm to 4pm

MAPA Refresher (BSAT 212)

Thursday 3 December 2020 9am to 12.30pm
MAPA (BSAT 201) - two parts
Face to face training if permitted.
Tuesday 8 December 2020
and Wednesday 15 December 2020
8.30am to 4pm 
and 8.30am to 12.30pm

Child Protection Supervision (SG 203)
Face to face training if permitted

Tuesday 8 December 2020 9.30am to 12.30pm

Supporting pupils with specific literacy difficulties: A whole school approach (LSAT 501)

Wednesday 9 December 2020 1.15pm to 4pm

Effective Support and Supervisions in the EYFS (EY 306)

Wednesday 9 December 2020 4pm to 5.30pm

NQT Induction Tutor/Mentor - initial training (CPD 520)

Wednesday 9 December 2020 4pm to 5.30pm

Positive Behaviour Management in the Classroom (PSS 008)

Thursday 10 December 2020 1.15pm to 4pm

Teaching Children with SEND – meeting the needs (LSAT 508) 

Monday 14 December 2020 4pm to 5.30pm

SEND: Building Capacity in your school (LSAT 403) 
Four parts.

Tuesday 15 December 2020
Tuesday 12 January 2021
Tuesday 9 February 2021
Wednesday 3 March 2021
3.45pm to 5.15pm

Understanding Early Language Development 2 to 4 years (EY 112)

Tuesday 15 December 2020 1.15pm to 4pm

AET: Leading Good Autism Practice (EPS 107)
Two parts.

Wednesday 16 December 2020
Wednesday 6 January 2021

1pm to 4pm

Sue Dyson
Traded Service Specialist, School Performance and Development

For bookings please email


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