Consultations - Arts, Dementia and Wellbeing Evaluation

Who can get involved? In order to establish the need for and design of a creative programme for people living with dementia in Telford and Wrekin, the evaluation will involve:

• People with early stage dementia who are able to agree to be involved in the project ( who have the capacity to consent)
• Carers
• Artists
• The Place theatre staff
Start date 8 March 2012
Closing date End July 2012
Service delivery area Arts & Culture Team
Reason for consultation To design and develop creative opportunities for people living with dementia in Telford and Wrekin.

The aim of this project is to see how creative activity can increase the wellbeing of people who have dementia and to see how care settings can increase their ability to work with artists.

The project also aims to look at how ‘The Place’ theatre in Telford and Wrekin can better meet the needs of people who have dementia.
Overview There are several areas to this work, all driven through practical activities followed by evaluations of people’s experiences. These different areas include visits to buildings and visits by artists to care homes.

Following the activities, participants will be asked their views on how they experienced the activity/visit with questions relating to how they felt and anything else they would like to do in the activity/ visit.
How to get involved? People from four care settings will be invited to take part in evaluating community creative arts delivery.

For site visits, invites will be made through referrals from Age UK, Alzheimers Society and UK Diamond Drop In.
What happens next? The findings of this study will be presented to the team responsible for commissioning services for people who have dementia in Telford and Wrekin.
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