Consultations - Beaconsfield Play Area

Who can get involved? All in the community but particularly the potential users of the revamped facility (children 3-12 years).
Start date Thursday 18 October 2012
Closing date Friday 26 October 2012
Service delivery area Environmental Services
Reason for consultation To enable the community to choose the design of the replacement play area.
Overview Well advertised public consultation organised by Stirchley & Brookside Parish Council for Thursday 18 October. Schools consultation at Holmer Lake on Thursday 18 October which includes a presentation at assembly and then individual voting forms. Windmill Schools vote will be decided by the School Council.
How to get involved? Attend advertised event organised by the Parish Council or advise their School Council representative or vote on the child’s individual voting form. Vote for their favourite design / make additional comments.
What happens next? Votes are counted and the winning design is the one with the most votes. This will be put forward for planning permission and if successful an order will be placed with the winning company to build the facility.