Consultations - Community Action Research

Who can get involved? Families who have experience of a range of Children’s Services and families who have not received the support that they wanted.
Start date January 2013
Closing date June 2013
Service delivery area Family and Cohesion Services
Reason for consultation The Council values the views and ideas of service users and wider citizens and works towards those views and ideas influencing changes in delivery of services. We now want to explore further how we encourage and implement collaborative working with service users and citizens in how we design, develop and deliver services.
Overview The Council has commissioned a local social enterprise to develop and deliver a community action research programme to help us to better understand and inform us on changes needed in delivery of services for families with complex needs.
How to get involved? Families, in the first instance, will be identified and targeted by the organisation delivering the community action research programme. The programme will be a pilot in the Donnington area.
What happens next? The information will feed into the Strengthening Families strategic planning process.