Consultations - Council’s Co-operative Values

Who can get involved? Initially the Community Panel and employees
Start date May 2013
Closing date June 2013
Service delivery area Co-operative Delivery Team
Reason for consultation As a Co-operative Council, we believe that how we do things is just as important as what we do. As a Council, when we speak with local residents, deliver local services and work with other organisations to make the Borough a better place, we want to work to a set of values. We aim to be open and honest, treat people fairly and respectfully, involve people and take ownership.
Overview We would like to test out and get local people’s views on how well local people think we are putting these values into practice. This will be tested out on an ongoing basis. Initially, we will be carrying out a survey with the Community Panel and employees and we will be find out in more detail by delivering a series of focus groups.
How to get involved? The consultation is targeted at the Community Panel and employees by open invitation.
What happens next? The findings will be taken to the Commercial Board and the Council’s Senior Management Team. We will also inform employees of what local people think about how we are putting the values into practice. The consultation also compliments the work the Council is doing with the mystery customer programme.