Consultations - Dawley traffic issues

Who can get involved? Business in Dawley High Street, Parish Council, residents, parents of school children
Start date 15 February 2013
Closing date 1 March 2013
Service delivery area Highways and Transport
Reason for consultation The overall aim of the consultation is to reduce the impact of illegal parking in the High Street and to minimise the impact of through traffic on residents in the area and on the new Phoenix school site.
Overview The Council are consulting and seeking views from businesses and residents on proposals to address traffic issues in and around Dawley Centre and the High Street. Traffic issues are likely to become more prominent in Dawley Centre with the relocation of the Phoenix school in September 2013. The proposals include:

1. Amend parking restrictions in the High Street in addition to installing bollards and planters to prevent illegal parking on the footway (pavement).
2. Seek views on the details of pedestrianisation of the High Street to allow a market to take place on one day of the week.
3. Install additional traffic calming and discourage through traffic on the new link road by the new Phoenix school site.
4. Amend King Street as a bus only street.
How to get involved? • Letter drop to business and frontage in Dawley High Street.
• 1 day drop-in session in Dawley Christian Centre on 22 February – 9am to 6pm.
• Social websites, links to residents groups, A5 flyers local businesses.
• Information out through Phoenix school.
What happens next? Positive feed back from the consultation helps give the proposals long term local support. Poor feedback helps to inform possible improvements/amendments. Some of the changes will require statutory legal orders to be processed. The consultation enables the Council to draft orders and install measures which more accurately reflect the views of the public. This reduces the likelihood of legal challenges or objections.