Consultations - Fairer Contributions Policy

Who can get involved? Service users who currently pay towards their care at home.
Start date 1 May 2012
Closing date 31 August 2012
Service delivery area Personalisation, Support and Service Provision
Reason for consultation The Fairer Contributions Policy outlines how people are charged for care and support services they receive in their own homes.
The policy has been updated and the Council is consulting on the implementation of the changes to the policy.
Overview The aim of the consultation is to ask people what transition arrangements there should be for introducing the increased charges for those people who are receiving services, that cost more than the maximum charge and are assessed as being able to pay more than they currently do.
In addition to asking people to have their say on the transition arrangements, the Council is also informing people that the maximum charge for non residential services is being removed and there will be changes in the way Disability Related Expenditure is evidenced.
How to get involved? We are writing to every service user who currently pays toward their care at home to ask their views - a pre paid return envelope has been included, as well as e-mail and telephone contact details. We are also contacting every service user, who will be affected by the removal of the upper charging limit, to arrange to visit them to discuss how these changes may affect them personally.

We are also going to Partnership Boards and Forums to discuss the changes and ask people about the transition arrangements.

We are also interested to hear from anyone else – please contact us on 01952 381203.
What happens next? After the closing date we will consider all responses before making a decision about transition arrangements and introducing the new Fairer Contributions Policy.
Results / Outcome We wrote to / contacted all service users who were currently contributing to the cost of non residential care costs.

We received 197 responses.

The responses favoured gradual introduction of increases over 12 months
These results were discussed at the Care & Support Management Team meeting on 24.10.12.

It was agreed that as there were such a small number of individuals who would be subject to increased contributions from April 2013 that it be best to make implementation arrangements with them on an individual basis taking into account their individual circumstances.
This recommendation has now been carried out so that individual arrangements have been made with all those affected by the uplift.
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