Consultations - Proposal to Establish a West Mercia Youth Offending Service

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Start date 1 July 2012
Closing date 29 August 2012
Service delivery area Family & Community Services – Youth Offending Service
Reason for consultation The West Mercia Youth Offending Service Review was initiated with the intention of establishing a single Youth Offending Service for West Mercia. This paper outlines the proposals for the future delivery of Youth Justice which are the result of the review. These proposals are subject to consultation until 29 August 2012.
Some of the significant drivers for the review have been;

• The challenging financial position facing all the agencies who fund the youth offending services and the need to manage resources effectively to maintain or improve the outcomes for young people in the youth justice system

• The reduced numbers of young people entering the criminal justice system and the reduction in the use of custody

• Increasing tendency of Local Authorities becoming strategic commissioning bodies

• The drive towards the local delivery of services across all sectors

• The establishment of Police and Crime Commissioners and the need for criminal justice services to engage strategically at local criminal justice area level

• The developing early intervention services in Local Authorities and the Troubled Families work, and the need to ensure that services to children, young people and families are not duplicated across different service areas
Overview The proposal is to establish a single Youth Offending Service for the West Mercia area which delivers a defined core service, supported by commissioned non-core activities.

In order to develop the structure for the new service the activities delivered within and on behalf of the two youth offending services have been placed into three categories;

Core Activities – those activities that are statutory youth justice services and have to be delivered directly by a youth offending service, or a member of that service, for example the preparation of Pre-Court Reports.

Non Core Statutory Activities – those activities that are statutory youth justice services but do not have to be directly delivered by the youth offending services, for example the direct delivery of reparation.

Non Core Discretionary Activities – those activities which support key outcomes but are not statutory youth justice services, for example mentoring.

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How to get involved? Please email any comments or suggestions to
Jackie Bell
Communication and Engagement Lead
West Mercia YOS Review Project Team
What happens next? Confirmation of the West Mercia YOT model ready for implementation on 1 October 2012
Results / Outcome Shropshire Telford and Wrekin Youth Offending Service became the West Mercia Youth Offending Service from 1st October 2012.

The Core YOS service has been identified and two teams, one for Shropshire and one for Telford have been identified.

Non core service delivery is being developed and may be subject to further consultation prior to implementation. It is likely that there will be four delivery teams in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, Herefordshire and Worcester as well as services that will be provided across the entire West Mercia area. Development of these services is ongoing.
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