Consultations - Shaping Places Phase 1 Preliminary Engagement

Who can get involved? We will try and consult with a wide range of stakeholders including statutory consultees, database contacts, general public and council employees, Parish Councils, specific ‘themed’ groups
Start date 16 January 2012
Closing date 27 February 2012
Service delivery area Development Business and Housing
Reason for consultation To raise awareness of the Shaping Places local plan and to seek public opinion on how they want to shape the borough of Telford and Wrekin in the future.
Overview We will be looking to send out information to all Statutory consultees using the following methods:
• online links through our website and email databases
• leaflets and questionnaires
• face to face interviews
• run a photograph competition
• press releases and social media
How to get involved? By email, the website, post, face to face through meetings, focus groups and forums, social media and information stands
What happens next? All responses will be collated and considered and amendments made to the Shaping Places local plan where appropriate. We will publish a report of our initial preliminary findings in Autumn and this will help to inform our Phase 2 Strategy & Options consultation that we will be carrying out in Spring 2013.