Consultations - Southwater Public Art Commission

Who can get involved? • A wide cross section of the Telford community, community groups, forums.
• South water development group
Start date April 2013
Closing date May 2013
Service delivery area Arts and Culture
Reason for consultation We want local people and communities to have an opportunity inform the design process of the three public art commissions for Southwater development.

The consultation will engage the wider community in conversations and activities with the contracted artists that will inform the designs proposed.
A second aspect of consultation is consultation with the site contractors and Southwater development group at the approval stage.
Overview Each of the two companies selected are contracted to deliver a minimum of three consultation events. The consultation needs to create opportunities to engage with a cross section of the community of Telford. Southwater is very much a civic space so this consultation is not focused on specific communities of interest or age ranges.

Walter Jack studios are design based public artists company who intend to meet people to have informal conversations about the location, history and aspirations for Southwater They are arranging meetings in Telford where they introduce themselves and their work to people and will then come up with designs. It is mainly at the design proposal stage that they will think of a range of activities in order discuss and get feedback about the proposed work.
Planet Art are very much a community participation company who will want to involve people in coming up with ideas that will be reflected in the final piece. We are currently keen to here from groups who would want to be actively involved with them to deliver the work by spring next year

We have held an initial meeting at Galleries live in the Town centre on 23rd May this is community led initiative in a neutral and central space. We are anticipating running some community workshops from this space and at the larger events held over the summer. We will work with corporate communications on how we get notification of this out to people.
How to get involved? The first point of contact would be 01952 382363

It is intended to create a space on the Southwater website to keep people up to date on the project, when there are opportunities to meet the artists and to share ideas

We have been offered one of the new empty units between the bingo hall and the ice ring to use as a shop front to explore consultation and keep people posted.
What happens next? After the consultation the work will be sited four locations in the new Southwater development.

We are in conversation with the library service about its digital archive can involve the community in generating content. I would see opportunities for contacts we make within this work to be consulted on this.