Consultations - Telford Culture Zone website redevelopment

Who can get involved? • Children and young people from across the borough
• Cultural partners
• Education settings
Start date June 2013
Closing date September 2013
Service delivery area Arts and Culture
Reason for consultation We want children and young people to be instrumental in the redesign of the Telford Culture Zone website to hopefully make it the first port of call for finding out about cultural activities both locally as well as regionally and nationally.

We will also be consulting with our cultural partners and other organisations and education settings to generate feedback on the design and functionality of the new website as well as an ongoing offer to contribute content to the site so it becomes both an information source and sharing and celebration resource for the local community.

This project is being funded by Arts Connect West Midlands – one of the Arts Council England Bridging organisations. We plan to develop a CYP steering group after the initial consultation around the website has been carried out.
Overview We have liaised with Arts Connect West Midlands and are putting together a person specification which we will circulate via the TCZ networks locally to recruit a core group of CYP to form the steering group.
How to get involved? The front pages of the website have been created by the Councils Graphic Design Team and these have been circulated and will also be on display at the TCZ partnership Day and used in the consultation when the CYP Steering group is formed.
What happens next? After the consultation the website will be further developed and populated with a proposed launch in Autumn 2013.