Consultations - Urban Games – Youth Consultation

Who can get involved? Young people ages 10 to 19 years old, from the local area
Start date 22 July 2012
Closing date 22 July 2012
Service delivery area Cohesion, Youth and Community Team, Wrekin Hub
Overview An opportunity for Youth and Community Workers in the hub to gain information on the needs and ideas of local young people, to develop future action plans.
How to get involved? Workers to attend the day, and interact with young people, parents and other agencies attending. Complete questionnaires or have conversations and hand out information on local youth provision.
What happens next? Evidence will inform area action plans and small report to be produced.
Results / Outcome Young People identified that they would like to do more activities outside of Malinslee and that there was no desire for another group within Old Park.

These have led to the organisation of football competitions and Scooter activities based at a track in Albrighton.
The next steps Plans are being explored to make use of 5-side football facilities at AFC Telford.