Consultations - Street Trading Consent Policy Statement

Who can get involved? People who use General Public, Service User Groups, Licence Holders, Parish and Town Councils, Elected Ward Members, Partner Agencies
Start date 30/01/2017
Closing date 27/03/2017
Service delivery area Public Protection
Reason for consultation The minor amendments under review have been highlighted in red in the consultation document for ease of reading. The opportunity has been taken to make a number of other amendments to the Policy in order to update and improve the information made available to Street Traders. The current Policy Statement does not make reference to what action the Council would undertake for revocation of Consents, the Appeal Process, Enforcement and Fees Charges. We have included this information (also in red) in the consultation document for the purposes of transparency.
Overview Street trading involves the sale and exposing or offering for sale, of any article in a street. Street includes any road, footway, or other area to which the public have access without payment and includes any part of a street.
As the definition of “street” includes any land to which the public have access without payment, private land to which the public has free access may also be included. Street trading law and this policy therefore can extend to events off the highway that are conducted on private premises.
Historically the Licensing Service has only consulted on new applications.
However, circumstances change in relation to trading locations, neighbourhoods, hours and days of trading, articles vended and so the Licensing Service consider it is reasonable, proportionate and more transparent to consult the parties again upon renewal.
How to get involved? People can get involved by reading the Consultation Document on the Council’s website, at Telford & Wrekin Council’s libraries, in the receptions at Southwater One, Addenbrooke House and Darby House and by sending their comments on the proposed amendments to:
Suzanne Fisher (Mrs)
Principal Licensing Officer
Public Protection (Environmental Health, Licensing & Trading Standards)
Customer and Neighbourhood Services
Telford & Wrekin Council
Darby House
What happens next? After the closing date, all received comments will be considered by the Council. If there are any adverse comments as a result of the consultation a further report will be brought before Members of the Council’s Licensing Committee for determination. The new Policies and Conditions of Licence will take effect at a date to be determined in 2017.