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Young persons panel

Corporate Parenting Strategy

Our promise to you - Corporate Parenting Strategy 2022 - 2025

We are passionate about doing everything we can to make sure children we care for and care leavers are set up for life. We hold high aspirations for you, strongly advocate on your behalf and will be your champions. We are your corporate parents and therefore responsible for you. We care for you and importantly we really care about you.

Corporate parents

Corporate parents people who work for the council are corporate parents for children cared for and care leavers. This includes foster parents, residential carers, social workers, members of the virtual school and the people who are ‘in charge’ including the Director for Children Services and the Elected Cabinet Member for Children and Young People. There are many others and these are just some examples of the people you are most likely to be with. If you are speaking to someone and you want to know if they are your corporate parent please ask them and they will tell you. Corporate parents treat you with respect, kindness and act only in your best interests. We also work closely with partners in schools, the police and people in the health service who embrace an extended corporate parenting role. In short, every adult that works with you is committed to being effective, caring and ambitious for you.

The promise 

The promise will guide us in delivering our actions for you over the next 3 years and helps to ensure everything we do is based on what you told us. What you told us will directly influence how we work. We will think about all of these things when we look at how well things are going and what we may need to change.

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Last updated: 13/03/2023 16:28