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Geotechnical Consultancy Service

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At the council we have our own Geotechnical Engineering Team who have extensive experience in geotechnical contracting and consultancy to be able to assess and advise on your site for development. We can offer a multitude of geotechnical services for your project for both simple and complex sites.

Our services include:

  • site investigations including trial pitting, drilling and soil/rock logging in accordance with BS5930 2015. Drilling investigations include windowless sampler, cable percussive or rotary drilling methods
  • boreholes construction including water levels and ground gas emissions monitoring and assessment
  • desk study reports presenting a comprehensive review of a site including site history, geology, hydrology and potential development constraints
  • abnormal preliminary cost assessments
  • ground investigation design, implementation, and supervision and preparation of completion reports
  • liaising with stake holders, utility companies and different departments within local and wider government authorities
  • interpretive reports following ground investigation across a site which details the findings of the ground investigation including geology beneath the site, settlement characteristics and foundation design, contaminated land, soakaway potential, mining constraints, waste disposal classification, concrete specification, groundwater characterisation, ground gas characterisation and remediation recommendations
  • tier 1 and tier 2 land contamination risk assessments
  • earthworks and earth retaining structures assessment, modelling and design
  • slope stability assessment and design including back analysis
  • mining and mine entry research, risk assessment preparation, remedial design/treatment recommendations and reporting.

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Graphy of the geotechnical cross section of the wharfage with rotary.
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