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The borough's current population

Headline statistics - January 2023 from 2021 ONS population estimate


Total number of people in the population:


Since 2011, the number of people increased by:


Number of people per square kilometre:


Since 2011, the number of people per square kilometre increased by:


The average age of the population:

40 years

Since 2001, the average age increased by:

3.9 years

Total number of females in the population:


Total number of males in the population:


Explore our current population dashboard


Please note: the dashboard is not suitable for screen readers or keyboard users. The main headline data for our current population is listed above. 

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If you would like to understand more about the specific data held within the dashboard, get in touch with the Insight team, who will be happy to help, please email insight.team@telford.gov.uk.