Neighbourhood Snow Wardens

Neighbourhood Snow Wardens are unpaid volunteers who help clear side roads and pavements of snow in their local area, this will be agreed with the Council. This will not only help your neighbours but also our more vulnerable residents who can't help themselves. The scheme will not allow for residents to salt private driveways and footpaths.

Since the scheme began, in the winter of 2012, 150 volunteers have come forward to help their local communities. This year we are looking for your help to recruit even more. With our focus on keeping public services and main transport routes running, many quieter residential roads don't get gritted.

This initiative also supports the work of the independent Co-operative Commission, made up of business and community representatives, which asked the Council look at a number of themes including improving civic pride and volunteering. View more information on volunteering.

Guidance and equipment

Wardens will be given guidance on how to clear snow and ice safely and the amount of rock salt to spread to be effective.

The amount of salt that will be provided will depend upon the size of the agreed area that the Neighbourhood Snow Warden is responsible for but we will ensure that wardens have enough rock salt for the area and conditions. We will also give information and contact details for ordering more rock salt.

In times of extreme conditions or if supplies are low we may have to prioritise our main routes but an officer will contact wardens and advise if this is the case.

Wardens will be kept informed of weather and gritting action to take via email and text message. We will also provide a supply of rock salt, a shovel, a high visibility (hi vis) vest, gloves and a booklet containing advice and contact numbers to ring at any time.

For community groups, we will supply enough equipment to be shared by members.

A short video showing how to effective spread salt has been produced by Derbyshire Council and further guidance can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Insurance cover

Neighbourhood snow wardens will be covered as a volunteer under the Council's insurance as long as the guidelines outlined in the information guidance are followed.

Wardens will also be asked to sign a fit to participate form, where they agree that they are fit and able to perform the duties of a neighbourhood snow warden.

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